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It's probably not going to happen.

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Make sure to let the community know the Date, Time, and requirements of the event you want to organize to give the inactive runners sufficient time to crawl out of the bushes to join.

Also, we need to set up qualifying matches to get runners paired up before the tournament begins. I figured Sebastian can pair up with Maxico44 since they're so close in skill level and played in the same decade as each other. And maybe pair up hsblue with kitten_island to get all 0 fans of the game excited about an underdog match-up.

The only problem with scheduled match-ups is that very low-skilled runners, like ikkatosh23, will have vastly different times in a marathon setting. This is why a qualifying match a few hours before the tournament begins is crucial. This way the more talented speedrunners, myself included, won't necessarily have an advantage.

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we still on for this or what

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