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I like the use of category variables here for uses OoB / uses Spirit Cloning. And yes, any% should include all the glitchless runs (but, to the extent that people want to do a glitchless category, the reverse will obviously not hold. 😛 )

Also agree with the delineation of any% vs. glitchless any%, as opposed to any% and glitched any%. Glitched runs appear to be the favored categories to run at this time, so the any% should assume that as the default.

It's also worth noting that there's an alternate method of fighting Fargo from Out of Bounds, and this method only takes about 2 minutes total to fight him, instead of 4. I do think that this is worth doing, now that it only costs a couple of minutes to do the fight and get his 20 HP bonus.


The board looks 10x better now. ¤I'm not the one who changed it.

Also, seriously Squid, only 4 seconds?


Glad you like it, I finally got around to making the changes. Jazzy helped me decide on details and fill in the spots.