Board update May 2020
4 years ago
Michigan, USA
  • A link to the console Doom discord has been provided on the side bar. The server is also host to a Quake console section, with a growing community for this port and others.

  • NTSC & PAL have been defined to avoid timing difference in both full game and individual level runs.

-Emulator options have been removed for full game due to significant disadvantages with load times. Emulator IL's will still be accepted, but kept separate from real hardware times.

  • Max% will be added eventually for full game. The goal will be creating the option when a few more folks learn the game to take these categories on for IL's or full game attempts. The category will likely be added by that time in a further expansion.

  • Nightmare IL's have been given a 'Max%' and 'Non-max' as a test for how Max IL's could be expanded in the future.

  • Icons and themes have been updated.

Let me know if anything is out of place on the discord or DM here on SRC!

maintenance will continue over the next 72 hours.

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