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A free form thread to allow thoughts and ideas to be bounced back and forth while keeping a history in case new discoveries are made later.

-If you're on the world select screen and hover over a world
-Pause the game
-Then while paused hover over a different world
-It'll change the world title to the new one, yet not highlight it until unpaused


-If you play a profile
-Delete that profile
-Then load up and don't go to the profile screen
-And instead hit play
-It will automatically make a new profile for you
-Even if you replace the old one with a different save file under the same profile number

In short, if you play profile 1, exit, delete profile 1, reload, it'll remake profile 1.
But if you play profile 1, exit, delete profile 1, replace profile 1 with a different profile 1, reload, it'll make profile 2 instead of continuing from the new profile 1.


When you place a block for the first time in a new level on the first frame possible, it'll teleport to its default location (not specifically level spawn location).
Is it possible, and what happens if you jump/land on it as it teleports away?
Do you go with it like a normal controlled or uncontrolled teleport?
If you do go with it, where can this be used?
Needs specific testing.