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i was interested in bluecheetah's 1-4 boost, so i decided to attempt to replicate it somehow. i noticed that he moved slightly while placing the teleport block, so when i took that extra movement into consideration, i start getting similar kinds of boosts like bluecheetah's. check it out:

so i do a normal setup for a teleportation glitch, but right after i jump to land on the block, i strafe right (strafing left never worked for me) and then placed the teleportation block. i think this might provide a chance to replicating bluecheetah's boost, but idk
edit: i managed to pull off the bluecheetah boost only once with no video proof however... i almost got one though:
i did this by setting up the teleportation glitch like how bluecheetah did it, and i held W+D throughout the trick and jumped as soon as i teleported.
I did this weird speed boost doing the same setup (W+D, jump when teleport) but on different positions

edit: might have found a consistent setup for the bluecheetah boost.
to explain this, i should explain my thoughts on how some of the player's physics work (even though i just started lol but hey its really fun) so if you do a teleportation glitch right next to you, but jump right as you teleport, you conserve momentum and gain a lot of speed, but not a lot so that the weird boost from above would occur.

also, if the teleport block is placed on a wall, you can actually bounce from it for some reason, which wouldn't require jumping because that bounce also gives a good speed boost. that explains the first video i posted.

So, jump teleporting only provides a nice speed when the teleport block is right next to the block landed, or perhaps 2, but i didn't test that yet. if it is performed with the teleport block being higher, it gives you a height boost, but again it should be with the teleport block really close to the landed block. Even with the teleport block adjacent to the landing one, it should be used in large-scale situations (boosting very high, or going fast speeds on a long path)

the idea that teleport blocks placed far away = really fast applies for wall bounce teleporting as well but its a smaller-scale version of speed boosts as it gives a specific height (height of the teleportation block) and speed that directs the player opposite of the wall.

so about the boost. it requires three blocks of height because of this ledge.
if i manage to land there using the speed boosts, i did the bluecheetah boost. it might be actually possible to do this at least sort of consistently, i will explain why that is.

the solution will be wall bounce teleporting because of the height and speed opposite of the wall, it's small scale, and because there just so happens to be a wall you could place blocks on. Here's the trick:

I did a wall bounce teleport, but not only that, i did a jump right after to give extra height. this is the problem that makes it difficult, because if done too early you just fail teleporting to the block, or even worse, you perform a jump teleport and get shot out of the map.

Anyways, this is how i think some of the game's physics work and im not really sure if this could be a solution, but who knows.

Also, to add if confused about the wallbounce teleport, i setup the teleport and place the teleport block on a wall, and i hold right, strafing left didnt work for me. maybe because the wall is on the left, but yea

Another edit: it seems that wall bounce teleporting works more consistently not moving at all when the teleport block is placed, so keep that in mind.

another edit: also, i think that wall bounce teleporting won't work that often if you strafe, it completely depends on where your angle is placing the teleport, and where you're positioned on the landing block, so it's variable.

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thats really cool, interesting that moving while teleporting would cause this, perhaps it is kinda like ess position in 3d zelda games where holding a small angle on the joystick keeps existing momentum, but the center of the joystick stops momentum.

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