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Hello everyone! I'm Jay, new mod here. You might recognize me from the runs I have done. I am here to bring you guys some updates.

1: The main game rules are up and immediately active. Any run from before 4/12/22 that doesn't follow those rules will be kept on the leaderboards.

2: You can now use the Wii U Virtual Console and Gameboy Player on the GameCube to run the GBA version of the game. Not ideal, but there for those who want it.

3: An Ace Attorney Speedrunning Discord is now up! If you would like, please join so we can grow our community!

4: An important rule change that people might want to see is that Turbo runs can only be done on Xbox consoles and PC. This is due to other consoles requiring modified third party controllers to use Turbo. Xbox only reqiures an adapter while PC only reqiures an autoclicker.

And that's all from me. I hope to see you guys on the Discord server! 👋

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One more thing, please know what version/ release you are using when you submit your runs. I’ve seen some trilogy runs on original release. You will know depending on console. Consoles such as GBA, DS ,Wii, WiiuVC, GBP are original release. Consoles such as 3ds, android, IOS, switch, Xbox (all series) , pc, ps4 & ps5 are trilogy releases.

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thank you for the rule updates.

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Of course, the creator of the discord asset