Plants vs. Zombies Last Stand (Mobile) Guides by ChocolateTheGaming

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This is Plants vs. Zombies Last Stand for mobile devices guides created by ChocolateTheGaming to help players in speed running this category.

The majority of the strategy for this category are mostly provided by a YouTuber named Mr. Chaliche, in which he provided all the plants in the footage to attempt Last Stand so the zombies won't get near the house.

(Part 1) Last Stand Day Mode: There are no video from Mr. Chaliche for this part.
(Part 2) Last Stand Night Mode:
(Part 3) Last Stand Pool Mode:
(Part 4) Last Stand Fog Mode:
(Part 5) Last Stand Roof Mode:

Please watch all of this video as it will tremendously help you in choosing the right plant and placing the right plant so that the zombies won't get near the house and it will help you in speedrunning this category.