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I'm sorry that I have to do this, but I really don't see any other way.
In the past month, I have played a lot of Puzzle Bobble 2X and 3 (Arcade version) and, starting from October 31st, I uploaded 7 runs in 6 separate categories of the two games. Since then, none of those runs have been verified by the only moderator of the games, @nick666101nick666101. Now it's been almost a month since the first upload, so the time allowed to the moderator for verifying the run is up. (And by the way, I feel that 3 weeks is a rather generous amount of time: I imagine that it's designed for busier or longer games, or for periods when the moderator may have a full couple of weeks, but I see that runs on the site are generally approved within about a week.) I also messaged him a few days ago but he hasn't replied yet.

I wouldn't be reporting it this way if it were an isolated incident, but this is clearly not the case, since:
- the most recent run approved in either of those games, Hwani's in Puzzle Bobble 2X Puzzle X, sat there for almost three months (!) before it was approved. Hwani never uploaded anything else after that run, and I have to wonder if the extremely long wait had something to do with that;
- in Puzzle Bobble 1&2 there are two moderators, nick666101 and poshi, and I think that it's consistent with the relatively higher number in runs. However, 100% of the recent runs have been approved by poshi (who by the way is always really quick and accurate), whereas some less recent runs approved by nick666101 had waiting periods similar to the 2X run I just mentioned;
- there is already a topic in the forum of the SNES version, dating back to november 2019, where a user is complaining of the same problem with the same moderator;
- nick666101 has recently uploaded a run of his own in a different game (quickly approved), so he is definitely active on the site, when he wants to.

I'm posting this here in the hope that some kind of friendly solution can be reached without bringing this to the general forums, which would be the next logical step. I really think that nick666101 must make a decision. If he wants to keep moderating the games, he should, well, do it. Otherwise, he should just step back. As it stands, he is ruining the experience for me and for any other potential runner of those games.

If it's needed, I'd be willing to lend a hand with the moderation, but if possible I'd really prefer to have the help of someone with more experience (and who is active as a moderator, of course).

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