I just want to point this out for all the puzzle bobble games. None of the modes you made avaiable here have any rules. That way it's pretty hard to know how exactly you should time your run.

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Added rules for all of the games, sorry about that
Feel free to ask for any other changes you may desire

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hello, I'm doing my first ever recorded speedrun this coming friday, and when I click the view rules button it just says no rules have been defined, so should I just assume I should use the standard level 4 difficulty? and is it 1cc, or can I use continues?


Hello everyone, first post here.
I see there are no rules defined for this game. I didn't watch (yet) all the submitted runs so I don't know if everyone is using the same timing method, but I think it's important to define it.

If I can suggest some rules:
- timing starts at first emulated frame
- timing ends when the last ball is launched
- NeoGeo version only (pbobblen rom for emulated runs)
- default settings (level 4)
- no continue allowed (no point in continuing anyway)
- real hardware or recent emulator (>= MAME .200)

For emulated runs I also strongly encourage to use WolfMAME and to attach the inp file, but I don't know if this can or should be enforced as a rule

What do you guys think?

(edited: )

Timing I saw from runs that I looked at (and which was largely consistent)

- Time starts on starting a "1P game" (or confirming 1P Game on the home versions)
- Time ends when "Congratulations" appears on screen after the final level
- Level 4 default setting

"No continues" as a rule I feel is too prohibitive to runs, even if it is faster and a better display of skill; there were already runs that did use continues on the board.

Emulator (I feel) should be a separate conversation especially since there is an official arcade version on the Nintendo Switch eShop. I asked (and received a reply) in another post, but Switch version is simply labelled as emulator and I note my runs are played via the switch version.

My opinion on the matter

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Your timing proposal is clearly better, since I wasn't considering the Switch version.
I also think that competition on this game will not be "fierce" enough to require tight rules. We can just accept Switch version as emulated like MAME as long as there is a video proof.
We can add something like:
- accepted platforms: NeoGeo, MAME (any version), Switch
- other platforms will be evaluated if requested

My only doubt (I still have to watch all the runs...): is there a measurable difference in time between the arcade and the home version when the game is started?


nick666101, we need your intervention!


well, starting on selecting 1P game and ending on the "congratulations" screen will be what I will use for my next run sometime in the next few weeks.... unless something else becomes official rules (I still prefer ending on the last bobbles cleared, but I'm cool with whatever everyone eventually agrees on)...

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yeah, starting on selecting 1P game and ending when "Congratulations" appears seems to have been the accepted timing window since the start, so that's also what I've been using myself. Will update the rules later today to better reflect the required settings and timings.

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