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I loved this game when I played it like 18 months ago

Decided to buy it again today and will be looking into speedrunning it - is there any tips for a brand new newbie you wish someone had told you before you loaded up the game?


EDIT: PS4 for clarity


Hi there!
For the purposes of speedrunning, you'll want to be learning Perfect Clear setups in order to quickly finish stages where you're playing Tetris. As for Puyo, you'll need to learn how to make up to 6~7 chains.
Hopefully these specific goals will help you get started with running the game. If you'd like any more help, feel free to let me know. (On that note, I should probably find some time to put up a guide for running the whole game... this is a good reminder.)
Good luck!!


Excellent thank you 😃 glad I'm not alone. I loaded it up last night for a warm-up and played Tiny Puyo until I'd cleared 4,000 then quit, feel like I haven't lost my touch there. I'm definitely not a GREAT Tetris player - I can react well but learning the theory hasn't really clicked with me - but feel I can definitely excel with the Puyo side of things.

Going to look at the categories then probably have a long stream on Twitch at some point this week, see how that goes. I'm guessing the best way to start is just load up 1-1 and try to get to the end of 7-10 huh? That is, Adventure mode?


That's awesome!
And yep, simply playing through the Adventure mode will get you familiar with all of the modes in the run. The story is also an amazing experience, hahaha.
Oh and by the way! I got around to finishing the guide so that's also up and available for any%ing now.

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im interested in getting back into ppt speedrunning but i'd like to get ppt pc and learn chaining a bit better first


Yeah Yoshi I ended up streaming it but the chat wanted to read the story so it took a while to get to Act 7 haha

But I can feel my speed coming along in the first 3 acts already 🙂 just need to really practice Fusion mode I think


I'm glad to see there's still people interested in running the game! Best of luck to you, ckelly!

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Right? It's so awesome to see the spark in activity here! Fusion definitely is one of those strange modes that needs extra practice to get down, but it's a fun one. Good luck to both of you!!

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Yep, best of luck and most of fun everyone

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