Various Any% Utilities (Wondermail Codes, Inventory Check, Emera List)

By MozzarellaCheezMozzarellaCheez. Last updated

This guide contains useful info / reminders for the Any% With Wondermail speedrun.

Take all the optional codes on your first run.
27JSR0PF------1x Accuracy Drink--------27JXPFY2
H6W7K262------1x Accuracy Drink-------CMJT1T3X
Y9911412-------1x Power Drink------------N13QQNWJ
CNTSN2F1------1x Power Drink-----------QQXR6T1T
R9945PCN------20x Apple($$)-------------QQWCNWJT
SK5P778R------20x Guiding Ward--------1TY1428Q
0R7910P7------20x Guiding Ward--------5H8TY3W8
TY26446X------20x Petrify Wand---------43SJNSH8
8QXR93P5------20x Petrify Wand--------62F0JMHF
WJNTY478------2x Life Seed-------------MJN3QP64
SH8XMF1T------2x Life Seed-------------SPH7CN0K
3R62CR63------2x Sitrus Berry----------FTXSQR6S
WCJT275J------2x Sitrus Berry-----------HH61T296
JR4113QS------5x Reviver Seed---------0MR3WK8W
N0R7K93R------5x Reviver Seed--------1TTW7H99
XT42797K------TM Swords Dance-------XXTXY2F3
SN3XQSFW------TM Thunder------------HCPJY929
25QQTSCR------TM Thunderbolt-------MFSK6Y7H
CQN41T29------TM Waterfall-------------62JP9449
3TWJMK2C-----20x Blast Wand--------K8TXT13M
2CNW5K5C------TM Dragon Claw-------JSQQXSHF
SR0K5QR9------5x Reviver Seed-------1TWH7647
W8P5QTSM------5x Reviver Seed------2JR641XM
XNY8PK40------5x Reviver Seed--------5R43MPF4
Y0F43Y8M------5x Reviver Seed-------8Y948QXN
5K0K0K2K------20x Max Elixir-----------JN2K90P9

Don't forget to SELL YOUR APPLES immediately after you've entered the codes!


1x Atk/Wakeful Looplet (Totodile) + Speed/SpAtk Looplet (Pikachu)
1x Apple + Elixir + MaxElixir
3x Oran Berries + Reviver Seeds or Tiny Reviver Seeds (4x AFTER BAG SIZE UPGRADE)
1x Rollcall Orb
1x Totter Orb (eases escape from rooms with several enemies)
ALL Stayaway + Pounce + Warp + Tunnel Wands
21x Petrify Wands (or whatever you have left)
11x Guiding Wands (use only w/ Wand Expert)
Any EXTRA ITEMS noted alongside dungeons.

+ Don't actually use the Oran Berries, unless there's a bizarre emergency afoot, e.g. Starving, Poisoned, low on revives, etc.
+ After Fire Island Volcano, you can take any Petrify Orbs you have, and use them any time you see many enemies at once.

FOREBODING FOREST: 4x Sitrus Berry, 4x Life Seed, 2x PowUp Drink, 1x AccUp Drink, all TMs, 1x Reviver Seed, 10x Petrify Wand

DRILBUR COAL MINE: Life Seed (Pikachu), Blast Seed (Gabite), Pikachu's TMs.

NECTAR MEADOW: 1x AccUp Drink (Thunderbolt), 1x Petrify Orb, 2x Blast Seed



ANCIENT BARROW: 1x Petrify Orb, 2x Pecha Berries, 1x Blast Seed (Giratina), 8x Blast Wands (Deerling & Espurr), 1x Pouncd Wand (Giratina)

REVELATION MTN I: Optional: 3x Blast Wands for Nuzleaf.

SHEER MTN RANGE: All Luminous Orbs, extra apple, extra elixir, three extra revives, 10 extra guiding wands, 5 Whirlwind Wands.

GENTLE SLOPE CAVE: Items left from Sheer Mtn Range; check remaining revives.

MYSTICAL FOREST: 2x Pecha Berries

FIRE ISLAND VOLCANO: 3x Blast Seeds, 1x Petrify Orb, three extra revives and Orans, any Decoy Seeds

SHOWDOWN MTN: 2x Slumber Orb, three extra revives, one extra apple

REVELATION MTN II: All Luminous Orbs, All Pure Seeds, extra elixir, four extra revives, 4x Blast Wands (Nuzleaf)

ABYSSAL BADLANDS: One or two extra revives.

CAVE OF THE DEEP: 3x Blast Wand (Dedenne)

CALM CRAGGY AREA: 4x Blast Wands (use on Dedenne; use Blast Seed if no wands).

REVERSE MTN: All remaining Blast Seeds, four extra revives, any Pure Seeds, any Heal Seeds, 1x Pounce Wand.

SUBMERGED CAVE: Three extra revives.

PREHISTORIC RUINS: Three extra revives.

ROAD TO PRIMEVAL FOREST: Three extra revives, Ban Seed for Teeter Dance, Save a Pounce Wand for Yveltal

TREE OF LIFE TRUNK: Every last revive you have for Dark Matter.

Yellow - Wand Expert: Gives your wands Gravelerock rage, and also sometimes gives free wand uses. WAND SPAM!!
Purple - Barrage: Gives chance for your attacks to strike twice. Often compensates for missed attacks. Procs more often the more empty notches you have on the equipped looplet.
Green - Big Ears (PogChamp): Displays enemy locations on the map, allowing you to avoid them pre-emptively.
Red - Berry Power: Blocks nearly all status-ailments and stat-reductions. Procs more often the more berries and seeds you hold (i.e. procs almost always).
Dark Blue - Payback: May reduce an attacker's HP to 1, so you can kill it with an A button attack.
Light Blue - Power Boost Y: Buffs both of your offensive stats. Also boosts accuracy if you equip a Power Boost X with it (the yellow one).

Some other really good ones:
+ Confusion Guard (Green) - Prevents confusion, one of the worst ailments.
+ Distance Dodge (Purple) - Dodge most ranged attacks, which many enemies have.
+ Guard Boost (Red) - Cuts damage in half; you rarely die with this on.
+ Intimidator (Puprple) - Halts most enemies' close-ranged attacks.
+ Pow Boost X (Yellow) - Buffs your offensive stats. Can boost Accuracy w/ Power Boost Y also equipped.
+ Sleep Guard (Green) - Prevents sleep, one of the worst ailments.
+ Type Bulldozer (Yellow) - Massive power boost when using moves that should be ineffective.
+ Trap Proof (Green) - Disables all traps.
+ Effect Boost (Dark Blue) - When on Pikachu, his Electric moves are much likelier to cause Paralysis. This is great for some bosses!