Championship Guide for N64(WIP)

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If you want to play through the game without just using the cheat codes this guide is for you, this is not a speedrun routing guide!
Playing through the game this way or similar will give you a better idea of the engine itself and likely make you better at the game than just unlocking lobster and breezing through a lot of this.
Stay in 3rd person mode when you start playing this game, it builds skills needed for first person

General Sled Choice Logic: Crashes are really easy when you start off so you want to pick something that has good handling and acceleration, Shortcuts will always beat out pure speed in this game so don't hesitate to let off the A button if it means you can line up to hit a shortcut you would have missed.


Sport Championship

Pick 600 XC, Upgrade top speed and acceleration

As you start your first couple runs you will notice they can go faster than you, you can beat them with good attention to routing

Important to Championship Mode: Stunts

The bar at the top right has 10 circles that light up when you do a trick, do 10 tricks to get an extra wrench
Finish Bear River and enter Hunter Downs, once ingame pause and restart the championship
When you select your sled after this you will notice you still have any wrenches you earned

The fastest trick is a hand clap above the riders head so that's what will get you the most wrenches. Press up on the joystick or dpad and press the R button to complete a trick. I find the range for inputting this trick on a stick is relatively small and harder to hit on joystick than with dpad so I suggest using dpad for tricks in the air.

Holding the R button down before leaving a jump will buffer the input as soon as you leave the ground, if you are doing a trick and land on the ground you crash so be careful not to accidentally press R unless you are going off a jump and want to trick as you could accidentally crash

Learn the routing well on Bear River because it's the fastest first stage of any championship, this is the best way to improve sleds naturally. Aim for about 3 wrenches , seems to be the best tradeoff of speed vs # of tricks(still 30 tricks, a lot). Earning wrenches is a vital part of the All Championships category so if anyone figures out a way to exploit the game to get wrenches faster please let me know 🙂

Return to Bear River when you unlock a new difficulty and grind wrenches to give you a better chance at beating the cpus

For upgrading the sleds themselves I generally start off with 3-4 wrenches on each of the stats, first upgrading top speed and accel then working on handling and stability


Semi-Pro Championship

Pick the 700 XC SP, grind out at least 2 Bear River Completions before proceeding(12 wrenches)

Routing becomes more important here, a look at a route online could save you an hour of dropped attempts easily. Check out the time trial speedruns of the levels that give you trouble to give you ideas, taking most of the shortcuts will beat them every time without large crashes.

Pro Championship

Here's where the sleds get really good!
I really would just suggest grinding out wrenches quite a bit before trying this, I maxed my sled

My favorite picks here are the 500 XC SP & 700 XC, Caseywho likes the 800 XC so maybe that's worth a shot
Probably the best choice is the 500 XC SP, it's even beating lobster on some courses(at the time of writing this)

Revelstoke has several shortcuts that are crucial to know, possibly in no other course is it as important. The snowpath jump into the ice tunnel near the end of the lap is a must or else you just won't win

Rattlesnake Ridge is the only other contender to that title, knowing the shortcuts on both these courses will save you lots of struggle vs cpus neck and neck with you/ surpassing you when you crash in lap 3


Special Event:

Completing this level will really test your knowledge of the courses, the cpus not only will cheat in their rubber banding but also grind the back of their vehicle against you if you are not careful
The courses are selected randomly so you will need to reset to get courses you are good enough on before you can beat this
500 XC SP is my suggestion for sled
I think this is where you could possibly start experimenting with 1st person mode
I would possibly consider using the save/load codes at this point, it's at the point of diminishing returns
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me, I would be happy to help you 🙂

Happy Sledding,