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2 years ago
Madison, WI, USA

I was looking through the marathon runs section and watched Helix's 1P2C run from Midwest Speedfest 2018; they start at event 16 and reset a couple times before getting a successful attempt which starts when the marathon timer reads 0:24. As far as timing the single run, I think it's reasonable to treat those first 24 seconds as runs that were reset and retiming the run starting from that point (i.e. timing the run starting from the selection of difficulty of the successful attempt of the first event rather than starting when the marathon timer started), which would result in that run having a time of 17:0X, faster than their run on the main 1P2C board and thus being a world record. Could we update the leaderboard to reflect that? Here's the run btw:

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Minnesota, USA
She/Her, They/Them
2 years ago

oh i didn't even know this lol i'll resubmit with that time

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