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I didn't play through the various categories enough to have a good recollection of all the weirdness with percentages and extra bosses and whatever else.

I added Auchgard as mod since he seems to know the categories better than I do. Feel free to set up the timing rules as they make sense per category.

The original comment was this: ""I feel like time ending upon getting in the carriage after beating That Guy makes more sense, because that activates the ending that shows you your 102% completion. That being said, this is a 19:02 if time ending remains at defeating That Guy.""


I figure that since any%, 100% and 101% all have natural ending points upon getting in the carriage after beating the final boss and activating the dance/credits scene, it would make sense to also stop time for 102% upon getting in the carriage and earning the ending sequence instead of upon landing the final hit on That Guy.

One reason for this is that the ending sequence displays the player's completion % after the rhythm game segment, which is pretty important for non-any% categories. At minimum, it's a lot more convenient than manually checking that every fight/chest in the game was successfully cleared.

Another reason is that it feels inconsistent to have a final split for just one of the four main categories that doesn't end by activating the credits. There doesn't seem to me to be anything inherently wrong with one full-game category ending on a different trigger than another within the same game - especially with a category such as 102% that requires viewing the credits at least once before finishing the actual speedrun - but in this instance it's very easily avoidable. Getting to the credits at the end of a 102% RTA requires 12 seconds of gameplay (basic movement, at that) after landing the finishing blow on That Guy.

Lastly, most speedgame communities that I'm familiar with choose end time points that result in activating the game's credits roll, and disallow endings that hit the arbitrary "time stop" checkpoint but fail to activate the ending. Examples of this are the Mega Man X Wolf Sigma double KO/softlock ending and the New Super Mario Bros. Wii cutscene death after losing control upon clearing the final stage, which halts the ending sequence and kicks you out of the level like a normal death. In both of these instances, the player has technically defeated the final stage/boss, but fails to progress to the ending. As a result, MMX/NSMBW speedruns that end in these ways are ruled as invalid.

This isn't exactly the same thing, but stopping time upon defeating That Guy instead of initiating the ending scene appears to me to leave the run a tad unfinished. Think Super Mario 64, but time ends upon Bowser impacting the third bomb instead of requiring the player to scroll through the post-fight dialogue and collect the large star, thus activating the ending cutscene and staff roll.

If anybody has thoughts/differing opinions on this, I'd love to hear them 😊


Seems right to me. Also I think there's value to the viewer in proving the criteria was reached without ridiculous scrutiny of the run.


That seems fine to me.
I will say; I had considered the end of the dance sequence/time display as an alternate stopping point, because different partners have different length dances; but I didn't have time to tinker. I'd appreciate your input on that, whether you think it's relevant, or necessary.

I also appreciate you being added as moderator, for as you might've guessed, I've been too busy to do more runs since I discovered there's a run button.



When would you end timing for REALLYDAD mode? There is no credits or % display, just the "You deserve a vacation" screen. Would that screen be the end?


REALLYDAD 100% appears to be 24 hearts, 6 flasks, 4 power, 4 regen. If someone knows of a missing power-up, we can correct the board at a later date.