Any% in 9m 17s* by MetaMeta (Obsolete)

Time with loads: 13m 13s

Submitted by:
MetaMeta on
Played on:
PC on
Verified by
JanmumrikJanmumrik on


Name Duration Finished at
HAY MORGUN WAYK UP 1m 01s 000ms 1m 01s
Lobby Skippppp 1m 07s 000ms 2m 09s
Run Forrest Run 0m 39s 000ms 2m 48s
Micro Gravity Detected 0m 45s 000ms 3m 33s
G.U.T.S 1m 54s 000ms 5m 28s
n u l l w a v e 2m 08s 000ms 7m 36s
FALLING 1m 08s 000ms 8m 45s
since ur not an alien ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 0m 57s 000ms 9m 42s
FLOATING 1m 45s 000ms 11m 27s
The Arb 1m 14s 000ms 12m 41s
RIP January 0m 31s 000ms 13m 13s
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