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Hello, I've been playing Predator today, and I realized that if I precisely press left + right, I'll warp to the next level. Could this be a new category or if not would this be aloud for the "Beat The Game" category?


l+r as far as i know is not allowed in any shape or form on nes runs, because it can't be achieved with an actual nes controller.
And in some cases doesn't actually do anything on actual hardware but achieves things when emulating.


Yeah it could be done when being played on emu. L+R actually breaks the dpad.


Sorry i just saw this yesterday. the L+R level skip was actually a dev thing that was never taken out of the final game LUL. As far as a new category, I doubt it, since its not like a glitch/zip that would warrant making an any% category vs current beat the game.

Also, since its not possible on console, then you would be making a category only for emu runs, and if your are skipping every level, whats the point? I believe Slaughterhouse had a TAS that did this. He also did second "human" TAS as well.

I'm not a mod here, so you can ask them for sure, but that's just my thoughts.

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This is a thing that can not be done on a working NES controller. (broken ones can do this). Since it can not be done under normal conditions, it cannot be allowed for this game. For something to be allowed in, it has to be Console viable and not just an emulator thing Sadly. Its a neat thing they left it. Just like the Self Destruct thing, it was left in for softlock prevention since this game is programmed so well, lol