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I have a drawing tablet I use to play Osu and I am interested in running this game, however I would like to use my tablet as the game is much more enjoyable for me. Since there is a rule prohibiting it I can only assume that is because someone was doing this at one point and it was seen as an unfair advantage. I won't try to argue that point, but if I were to submit runs with video proof of my hands and a non-screen wacom tablet could a separate category be made for runs using a drawing tablet? I love this game but I don't see the potential for speed being fully utilized here. I'd even say the counter argument of accessibility doesn't really make sense considering a screenless drawing tablet is significantly less expensive than an iOS device. Please let me know! I'd love to pioneer a new way for people to enjoy this game 🙂

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And one more clarifying question: is using a touch screen PC prohibited? I don't see anything against it in the rules and this would objectively be a greater advantage than a regular drawing tablet as prohibited in the game rules.

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If tablet runs are prohibited, I would assume touch screens are, as they work similar and definitely a higher advantage. The rules should specify no touch screen as well, assuming that's not allowed : P
Also, I think PC touch screen / tablet might be an alright addition to the leaderboard, considering iOS has one. That's just me, though. I play osu as well and also wanted to use the tablet for Papers Please gameplay.


Good osu graphics tablets are actually the cheaper screenless ones, because there is less latency. (General opinion)
Not sure if you still need an advice, but XPPen's drawing tablets are very cheap. They perform just as well as a Wacom, but much cheaper.
I use a XPPen Star G640 drawing tablet. Runs OSU well. No problems at all.

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