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I thought it would be a great idea to make ourselves our own discord server so its easier to discuss our knowledge of the game and help newer runners learn the game. With my rather 'extended' knowledge of Discord it wouldnt be a problem for me to set a server up at all. Pack and/or Bisqwit just hit me up with permission and I'll gladly jump onto this project.

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Invite link posted in Resources


This is my application to be admission on roblox

Ministry of Admissions Application
Good day, Comrade!

You are probably here because you want to become an Inspector. Well look no further, you can learn how to become one right now. Below are questions you need to answer and send to the ROBLOX account, MoA_Applications. From then you will receive a message if you made it or not. You then will then be placed in the training phase. Here, you'll be given a trial from an experienced individual to learn the ropes and if you pass then you will start your new career as the newest employee of the ministry.

NOTE: You must be a citizen of the Federation to be part of this ministry)

1.) Current Username: Ghostbux1976

2.) Account Creation Date: 15 February 2017.

3.) Discord Username and ID: isaac #3798.

4.) How active are you? Use a description of a week, not a scale. Very active.

5.) Anything we should know about you? Anything special? I am in security,I have bc so I can go up to ten groups and I have my own group.

6.) What is your current rank in the Federation? My rank is citizen.


1.) Any past groups or experiences that you think will be of a help to you in this ministry? Yes when I was admission in another game.

2.) If you were in any other group, what rank did you hold and what's something important that can be taken from it? I was admin in another group now I run my own group.


1.) What do you believe makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants? I have great grammar and I will try my best as admission also I have been admission on papers please the game.

2.) What is the 'Inspector' role to you? What are their most important duties? I think they are making sure everything is going right and everyone is doing their job.

3.) In paragraph form, (5 or more sentences) why do you want to be apart of this ministry? I want to be part of this ministry because I love papers please and I have been playing since it came out I think it was 1.8. I try my best at what I'm meant to be doing. I would be a high rank in one of my favourite games. I have had past experiences. And also I'm good at this kind of job/ministry.

¤Submit your application to MoA_Applications ONLY
¤If you do not get a response, you have been denied into the training program.

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What the hell, kid ?


I believe it’s called roleplaying.

(edited: )

If you continue, I'll personally make sure that your IP can't reach this website ever again :angry:

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