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I want to know what are the only ways to save time in Papers, Please. There are the obvious like rapidly clicking to skip the intro and click the horn immediately to start the day but what i want to know is stuff like what is the best delay in between the clicking; sometimes if the delay in between the clicks is very short the game kinda lags and the text saying the Date plays twice, its kinda weird... And Id like to know what is the strategy that Coppie uses and the supposed frames that could be saved. I might grind and see what results I get. Lets bring down the time and completely destroy this game together!


Ending 1 wise, the main timesavers are of course your menuing as well as the End of Day skip. Menuingwise, I have been experimenting with autoclicking macro's and have found out that when clicking faster than the game can register the game will start lagging and will start being funky with your textboxes etc. Of course the second big timesave is your End of Day skip, hitting the End of Day skip perfectly can really give you some nice timesave. For the rest of the endings you're also gonna be trying to make some timesave in being as fast as possible in Terrorist days, as well as keeping your menuing rather fast. Keep in kind End of Day skips are also possible in non day1 days, they're just a tad harder to hit. Also, smuggler RNG is still a thing.

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