All Endings Route and guide

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This is a guide for the current fastest All Endings route.
This guide follows the same route i did in my WR run.
The Order the endings are completed in is as follows.

Step 1: Before you start.
Before the run begins you need to delete any existing save files you have in game. This is because there is a maximum of 5 different ending branches and you will need all of them over the course of the run.
Also remember that this is a 6 hour + run with very few moments where you are not activly doing something.

Step 2: Endings 1 and 3.

Timing starts when clicking NEW on the Story screen. Click through the intro quickly and then start Day 1 ASAP. Proceed to Earn at least 6 citations with no correct processes. This will very easily earn you Ending 1.
After this you will be returned to the main menu. Start a new file again but this time play seriously. At the End of the day deny your family food and heat. They dont need it.
Day 2 has a terrorist attack during the 7th entrant. Denying everyone is fastest rgardless of the citations earned. Still DENY food heat and medicine for the whole family. We want them to start dying soon.
Do day 3 as normal Aim to process upwards of 20 people today, you will need the money in the bank. At the edn of the day DENY food and heat, but give your wife medicine, you need to keep her alive.
These same rules apply to day 4, just remember to allow Jorji so he doeesnt keep returning.
From day 5 onwards all you need to do is keep your wife alive (unless otherwise stated), you could alternate food and heat but as there is only 1 family member there is no real need to. If done correctly all other family should be dead by this point.
Also remeber to upgrde the booth at day 5.
Day 6 has a terrorist attack during the processing of the 7th entrant. For optimal speed you should DENY eveyone during the day Regardless of the citations. (This is why its good to earn lots on day 3)
Day 7 has a rule where you are supposed to Search all Kolechians before entry, you DO NOT need to do this, if you see a Kolechian you can just deny them without interrogatin and get no citations.
Day 8 is the first Appearence of EZIC, give the note to Corman Drex when they arrive and carry on playing normally. Also Diplomats make thier first apperance and you can upgrade the booth again, always upgrade the booth if possible.
Day 9 is the first day for randomly generated Suicide bombers. On this day, any entrant after entrant 9 that has a weight discrepency should be allowed as there is a chance they are a suicide bomber and will end the day early.
Day 10 is fairly standard. The 4th Entrant will not have a passport, Interrogate them and then let them through anyway, this saves time with calensk in the future.
Day 11 is the first day forgeries start appering, keep a look out. Also the 6th entrant is an EZIC operative, LET THEM THROUGH. There is another randomly generated bomber after the 9th entrant- Always allow. Upgrade booth. DO NOT BURN MONEY
At the start of day 12 M. Vonel from the MOI will appear and ask if you have seen any EZIC activity, When possible hand him the EZIC documents. this will achieve Ending 3.

Step 3: Endings 4 and 2.

From the main menu screen re-start day 12 and do not hand Vonel the documents. The 9th entrant is a suicide bomber and so you need to allow them but deny all entrants before them as it is faster.
Day 13 is a day you need to be carefull on. At the end of the day all previously saved up money will be confiscated, leaving you with only your earnings from today. There is a random Bomber after the 8th entrant.
Day 14 introduces Wanted criminals, The 9th entrant is an EZIC agent, You MUST DENY them. There is a random bomber after the 9th entrant.
At the start of day 15 Vonel will show up again and arrest you. This achives ending 4.
From the main menu select day 14 again and redo it this time ACCEPTING the EZIC agent. (it is quite usefull to earn a lot of money on this day)
The second entrant of day 15 will give you a bomb, just follow the instructions to disarm it and proceed as normal. there is a random bomber after the 9th entrant.
Day 16 is where they had you a tranquiliser gun. There is a terrorist attack during the processing of the 8th entrant so deny everyone for optimal speed regardless of citations. shoot the attacker and carry on.
DAy 17 is the last day before the dreaded Reason for denial stamp. The 9th entrant is from EZIC and you need to let her through. At the end of this day you need to start killing off you wife, deny her EVERYTHING.
Day 18 has a terrorist attack during the 8th entrant, for optimal speed you should Accept everyone today regardless of citations. When the terrorist arrives, wait untill they have thrown the grenade before shooting them. as it will kill sergiu and save time in the long run, Also continue Killing the wife.
Day 19 is fairly bland, Just remember that there is no entery from Impor. Carry on killing the Wife.
Day 20 is very short, once the Inspector has left the 3rd entrant will give you poison. Do not wait unitll the EZIC task to use it, kill the next person that comes through the chack point. To get here faster you should accept everyone.
If you have killed your wife correctly you should achive Ending 2 at the end of the day if you deny the wife food, heat and medicine that night.

Step 3: Ending 11

Restart day 20, and make sure that you have the pennant on the wall when the inspector arrives. Still poison ASAP as above. Start nurturing you wife back to health.
Day 21 has a terroist attack during the 9th entrant so accept everyone before them and ignore the citations.
Day 22 has a random bomber after the 9th entrant
Day 23 Has a terrorist attack during the 8th entrant. Ignore the new gun and EZIC's orders and do NOT shoot the Red man
On day 24 you are supposed to confiscate ATALn distric passports, Do not do this as it is slow. There is a random bomber after the 9th entrant.
There is no entrance for UNited Federation on Day 25, Alos remember to Allow Shae Pierskova even though her papers ar not valid.
There is a terrorist atttack during the 8th entrant on Day 26 so allow everyone before that for optimal speed.
Day 27 had the Final EZIC task, follow thier orders and take the diplomats passport.
Day 28 has you confiscating all Arstotskan Passports, Do not bother as it takes to long. There is a terrorist attack during the 7th entrant and ther is very little time to react.
Day 29 is fairly mundane, Jorji will gove you his passport and that is about it. At the end of the day your wife will give you a family picture.
Start Day 30 and put the family photo on the wall. The INpector will notice it and arrest you, this completes Ending 11.

Step 4: Endings 14,15,16,18,19.

Do day 30 as normall, nothing to note here.
You will get very used to day 31 as you do it 8 times total and 5 times in sucsession right here. These endings do not have to be dont in this Exact order but i do them this way beacuse i like the numerical order.
ACCEPT everyone today for fastest speed.
For Ending 14 Shoot the 2 attackers before they blow up the wall.
For ending 15 shoot the lower attacker, let the top attacker blow up the wall and then shoot them.
For Ending 16 Shoot the attackers, (fastest) and then Escape to Obristan by yourself.
For ending 18 conficate the first entrants passport (they are always from Obristan) then shoot the attackers (fastest) and then escape to Obristan with your family.
And for ending 19 once the attack starts, sit back and enjoy the show.
It is important to note that for endings 16 and 18 you do not need to shoot the attackers but the day ends sooner if you do.

Step 5: Endings 13 and 17.

On the Story mode screen selcet day 27 and restart from there. DO NOT DO the EZIC task on this day.
Other than that follow the same rules as above for the rest of the days.
Ending 13 is achived by Shooting the lower agent, letting the top agent blow up the wall and then shooting them (the same as ending 15)
Ending 17 is achived by shooting them both before they blow up the wall. (the same as ending 14)

Step 6: Endings 9 and 10.

From the Story Screen scroll back and select day 11.
DO NOT do the EZIC task and BURN THE MONEY at the end of the day.
Do day 12 as descibed above but BURN THE MONEY AT THE END OF THE DAY.
If you forget to burn the money on either of these days, go back, Delete the new day with lots of credits as the balance and try again. You need to delete the save files because you can only store 5 and you need them all for the main run.
Otherwise do days 13 - 22 the same as described above BUT DO NOT ALLOW THE EZIC agent on day 14.
On day 23 Accept everyone for ultimate speed and then Shoot the red man with the new gun. (Ending 9). restart the day and shoot him with the tranquilser gun (Ending 10)

Step 7: Ending 12

Restart day 23 again and ignore the red man.
Day 24 has a Random bomber after the 9th entrant. Dont waste time confiscating passports today.
On day 25 the 7th entrant is Shae Peirskova, He Diplomatic authorisation will not cover Arstotska, point this out to her and then datain her. Finish the day normally.
At the start of day 26 The MOI Inspector will turn up and Arrest you, this achieves ending 12.

Step 8: Endings 5,6,7,8.

Start from day 25 and Play normally. Remember to accept Shae.
Do days 26 and 27 normally as well, Just remeber to not do the EZIC task on day 27.
Accept everyone on day 28 untill the terrorist attack that starts shortly after calling in the 7th entrant.
There is a short period of time to react, but over 4 replays of this day you need to do the following.
Shoot a Civilian with the rifle. (Ending 5)
Shoot a Civilianwith the tranquiliser gun. (Ending 6)
Shoot a Guard with the Rifle (Ending 7)
Shoot a Guard with the tranquiliser gun (Ending 8 )
Day 28 is chosen as the day to do these endings on as it is the day with the shortest period of time befor the attack starts from the begining of the day.

Step 9: Ending 20

Restart day 28 One last time. complete normally.
Finish the game as normall and described above.
On day 31, shoot both attackers ASAP.
Time ends when you click next on the Endless Unlock Code.

Step 10: RELAX

Congratulations!!!! You did it. Dont forget to eat and drink after 6+ hours of intense gaming. 🙂

If you have any questions or comments regarding this guide or anything related to this category feel fee to let me know, you can easily contact me Via the Discord. found at

Have Fun. - Piboy14

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