How to do the all-tokens run

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If an all-tokens run gets approved, then this guide will be useful.

Day 4: The fifth entrant is a woman excited to see her son. Point out the discrepancy in her papers, but let her in anyway. (IMPOR)
Day 4, 6, 8 or 11: Let Jorji Costava in. (He has proper papers on day 11). (OBRISTAN)
Day 5: The eighth entrant is an Antegrian who says his wife is behind him. The wife does not have proper papers. Point out the discrepancy, then let her in anyway. (ANTEGRIA)
Day 12-16: The fourth entrant is called Messof Anegovych. He gives you four business cards to hand out to engineers. Distribute all four before Day 16. (ARSTOTZKA)
Day 21 and 23: The sixth entrant, Danic Lorun, asks you to allow him entry without proper documents and leaves his watch with you. Grant him entry on day 21. Do not sell the watch. On Day 23 he will return with proper papers. He will give you a bribe. Return the watch. He will complain that there is a scratch on the watch, and asks you to return the bribe. Return it. He will apologize, and give you the bribe and the token. (REPUBLIA)
Day 25: The fifth entrant will give you a love note. Give it to the depressed seventh entrant on the same day. (KOLECHIA)
Day 29/30: A man will give you a photo of his daughter, who was murdered by Simon Wens. On Day 30 Simon Wens attempts to enter. Confiscate his passport but let him in. Do not arrest him. When the man returns later that day, give him the confiscated passport. (UNIFED)

From here on you have to try and end the game on day 30. There are four ways to do this:

Ending 1: Run out of money. (Short but hard to do.) This would involve keeping a low balance and then trying to get as many citations as possible on day 30.
Ending 2: All family members die. (Short but hard to do.) This would probably involve killing off all family members and then keeping one family member alive and hope that he will die on Day 30. Somehow.
Ending 16: Escape to obristan on your own. You can do this by only confiscating one Obristan passport. (Long ending.) Only confiscate one obristan passport, as the ending will be shorter.
Ending 18: Escape with all of your family members to Obristan. Honestly this isnt worth it, as the cutscene is very long. Ending 16 is easier and shorter.

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