How Transitions work in Papers, Please

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This is all the information we currently have about Transitions in Papers, Please. All of this information was gathered by me through careful testing and experimentation of the game. The purpose of this data is to get a better understanding of Newspaper Skip, which previously has not been understood why it works. Thanks to this information we know understand how Newspaper Skip works.


All Transitions are instant, meaning that when you click a button that triggers a transition, the transition will play immediately after.

ALL Transitions are affected by rapid double clicks.
Double clicks can only be done with ≤0.012 second delays.
Delays are in-between the Pressed and Un-Pressed state of a mouse button. (Visual Explanation:
0.012 Delay can produce a double click but it almost never works.
0.011 is more consistent but still doesn't work most of the time.
0.010 is the perfect balance of consistency and humanly viable.
0.009 works the vast majority of the time.
0.008 and onward is a 100% guaranteed double click.

There are only 2 kinds of transitions: Fade and Wipe
Fade Transitions:
Fade transitions are in the Menu.
When double-clicking a button that will start a Fade transition, the transition will play twice, losing time.
Fade transitions fade to black and fade back into the next screen.
In Fade transitions, there is "Darkness", this "Darkness" Fades in and Fades out, causing the appearance of the Fade transition.
"Darkness" stops any sort of click from registering while it is present and visible.
"Darkness" can be offset by resizing Papers, Please. when it is in Windowed mode.
Offsetting the "Darkness" allows you to click since that area is not covered by it anymore
Offsetting the "Darkness" shows that Fade transitions are in fact, instant; the screens changing from one to the other is hidden by the "Darkness".

Wipe Transitions:
Wipe Transitions are in the cutscenes.
Wipe Transitions in Ending cutscenes are unskippable.
Wipe Transitions wipe from one image to another
When double-clicking a button that will start a Wipe transition, the transition will be skipped entirely, saving time.
Since Wipe transitions do not have "Darkness", you are able to click right after Double Clicking the last screen.

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