Ending 1 Guide [In text]

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I prefer guides in text rather than a video so I decided to make this.

~Ending 1: Lose your money~

Time starts when you click NEW
Ends at Glory To Arstotzka

Step 1:
Make sure you are on the Japanese language. (Check the top runs if you are unsure if it's the right one). It's the densest one, and saves a few seconds.

Step 2:
Spam the buttons on the bottom as fast as you can. If you spam fast enough, you should be able to skip the pause before the newspaper, but this is very hard to do, but the only way to do very good in this category. If you are a beginner, you can just skip this. It saves about 5 seconds.

Step 3:
Spam the next speaker to get it as soon as possible.

Step 4:
Accept non-Arstotzkans and deny Arstotzkans. Keep doing this until you have 35 credits deducted in your citation.

Step 5:
Do the right stamp for the current person (Accept Arstotzkans and deny non-Arstotzkans)
and DON'T give it back to them. Wait until it is the time shown in the clock where the big hand is pointing down, where a 6 would be, and the minute hand is on the top left corner. (See a top run and when they give the passport back.)

Step 6:
Spam where the sleep would be, and spam the ending screen buttons.

Good job! if you do it all correctly (without the Walk to Work skip), you can get around 3:30~3:26 in only a couple of attempts!

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