Ending 20 route

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My plans for ending 20. http://bisqwit.iki.fi/kala/papers20.html
Put this on a separate computer screen, and maximize it and scale it such that you can use page-up and page-down keys to scroll the page up and down.


Pink background = action performed regardless of entrant's papers. Likely to produce a citation, but less text dialog and therefore faster.
Green background = this entrant requires no actions.
Red background = a terrorist attack is expected to cut the day short.
Blue background = after-day actions. "Fast click" means click "Sleep" without stopping to read text or selecting anything else.

"AFTER <text>" means that the action is performed at the same instant or a millisecond later than the line AFTER this line begins rendering. Doing it earlier will cause the dialog delay to be issued, costing a second or two of time.

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