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I was watching the WR for Area 00 and noticed that it doesn't include the alt-world tutorials. Is that supposed to be the case? And if so, does an All Areas speedrun not include those as well?


(Don't watch it, it's bad we can save at least 10 seconds Kappa )
As Hypnoshark mentioned it on my Area02 run comment, "It's just get to the end of the area as fast as possible. No need to do side missions". That's why Alt-world tutorials are not needed, as well as Froakie and Manaphy for Area02 😉

For All Areas, I'm not sure though. But what you do in this one is basically all 31 individual areas, so I suppose side missions are optional there too 🙂

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I actually wanted to bring this up at some point

Since completing an area takes the shortest path possible (See here: Any%), its weird there are no "All Stages" categories per world

I think All Areas should be its own category (which I think won't require you to beat non-mandatory Pokemon) and then an actual Any% should be included that just gets through the normal Areas required to reach the end fastest

idk what to do about the Alt Worlds tho. Maybe make them all misc. categories and do the same to each individual area?

Tl;dr the leaderboards are a bit unclear and should have more categories that make this act like a more traditional speedrun

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Congrats on WR Kevin, this one seems really hard to beat 🙂

Nice Manaphy time Pokehero, gonna try to beat it, I feel a bit more interested in this one than in the 10x10s Kappa b

Concerning the potential new categories, Alt World levels are exactly the same as normal levels, so I don't really see the point of making new categories out of it.
But I agree with you about All Stages Area runs and the "real" full game Any%, it would be cool to have these, it would bring a bit more variety.

Edit : Say hi to my 0:42 Manaphy XD (I only recorded top screen which is absolutely useless, so all I have is this screenshot until I beat it)


I mean I'd do a full game "Any%" eventually TriHard

And All Stages in a world, would those include Alt World levels?

Having every single area also as "Main categories" clogs it up so much and I think really should be made misc.

And yeah Manaphy can still be dropped down a lot :^)

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All Stages in an area wouldn't include Alt World because it would double all stages, which is completely useless Kappa p
And yeah, 32 main categories is... A bit too much TriHard

Got a 24s Manaphy btw, recorded correctly this time. This one is really solid (still possible to get a 21 with that strat imo, but won't grind for it until 24 is beaten)

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