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How do moderators here confirm that we did not use Pokémon to help if we only provide a mere screenshot?


Pumpkaboo spam anyone? Yeah but is it more of an honor system? Seems weird but whatever I like playing this game lmao
Also where are Manaphy leaderboards?


I already asked if Manaphy had its leaderboard after my Area02 run, but it seems that mythical Pokémon (Manaphy, Celebi etc, marked with a !), Pokémon from password levels (Ash-Greninja, Mew and the 2 new Zygarde forms) and most of legendaries don't have one...

For the verification, you can still see the Pokémon you used on top screen when "Finish" pops up on bottom screen. Maybe we should change the proof requirements for ILs to a double-screen pic when Pokémon are still visible...?


Yeah, so it means that the level selection screen should not be a valid proof since if you do it with a freeze time once, and get a solid 1sec, then if you only screenshot the first part it's not without pokémon anymore


Sorry it took so long to get back. I took a major break from speedrunning to play smash but we back. Manaphy and Ash Greninja has been added and I have to say that there is no way of providing photographed evidence of not using pokemon to help so we have to take your word for it. It helps our community here if you are just honest and truthful. Don't be a dick is what I'm trying to say.


"Sorry it took so long to get back" Don't worry, I submitted a MK7 run 3 weeks ago and I'm still waiting for it to be validated Kappa Everybody needs a break at some point 🙂

And, thanks for adding the new IL leaderboards ^^ I think there are still some others missing from later areas but we'll tell you in our run comments if it happens 😛
About proofs and confirmation, we're only 3 to run this so far, and being part of a shiny hunting community learned me to trust the other members, and obviously here being suspicious can only have negative effects. There's no problem on my side 😉

Pokehero, as you can see if you watch the vid, my Manaphy 0:59 is absolutely NOT optimized (and I won't get back to it until I completed a run of every single area). I think sub 30 is possible, and sub 40 is for sure 😃

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Manaphy has been kinda awful to do lmao. My PB is 1:26 but I gave up momentarily to work on optimizing Area 1. After I get a 0:11 or better in Poochyena I'll go after that Manaphy record


So, finally, here's what I meant:

How can you tell (I know this one is obvious) that I haven't used any freeze time?

This is not subtle since it's 0 seconds, but the current record is 6s, I could've done the puzzle, wait for the freeze time to wear off and then hit the last block when at 5s and bam, new record. See what I mean? That's why I think that, for the sake of credibility of this game's runs. We should provide a video.

Because I highly doubt that Poochyena was made in 6s without powers. I went through hell to make it 17s. Anyway. You're the mods.

Thanks for reading!

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There is an easy way to provide video evidence for runs, which is filming the time from the screen that pops up right after you beat your level to when you are sent back to the overworld, which shows if you have any pokemon equipped, which you couldn't have to submit it. BTW 6 second pooch wasn't really that hard, 5 second poke doll was one heck of a grind though lol, I probably spent a solid 30 minutes to try and get 5 seconds.


It's probably a skill thing. Once I learned good execution for two or five levels, then doing other levels blind became much easier.

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