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For Danielfran's run, actual start time is at 0:06 on the video ("Start" message on first puzzle), which means the actual times are 3:04 for 100% (ending timer at fadeout was correct because we need to see missions get validates, even if the rules say to stop timer at "Clear") and 2:54 for Any% (here, stop the timer at "Clear" on last puzzle - 3:00 on the video - as mentioned on the rules since there is no need to check missions).

Mods, could you please change his times and the timing rules for 100% Area runs ? Thanks a lot o/
(or if you don't want/don't have time/don't give a sh¤t, add me temporarily as a mod so that I can do everything, and take my sword back afterwards - 3 mods are enough, no need for a 4th one ^^)

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Should we clarify when to end the timer? Right now based on your description we could end it at the beginning or the end of the fadeout. I think it should be either when the last mission is starred or at the end of the fadeout, which wouldn't be that hard to end the timer on.


I didn't think of that, but the "All missions complete" star is a good final split time, way more accurate with a shorter window.
You're right, we should change 100% final time to this instead (btw, it makes Danielfran's 100% time a 3:03 instead of a 3:04 now)