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2 years ago
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Hi everyone.

I know, I am new here, but I tried Prince of Persia-Speedrunning, and when I beat my personal 30-Minute-Record, I thought it was time to try getting on the leaderbord.

I've read the rules again, and it was there when I found something weird:

I don't know if I got the wrong version here, but it was stated that only the Prince of Persia v 1.4 is allowed. I tried v. 1.4 (after practiced so many times at v. 1.0), and the level-layout was different, also the sounds were. It was a bit irritating.

I looked up at the newest records (not older than 1 week), and was irritated again: They have played v. 1.0. Since they are submitted to the leaderboard, I go with that it is allowed by the moderators.

This contradiction confuses me, and I admit, I am new in this whole speedrunning, maybe there is a misunderstanding. Can someone explain me:

Are the rules correct as they stand? Did I misunderstood the rules, and if thats the case, explain me what I was supposed to understand? Did I get a weird version of 1.4 (if thats the case: can someone send me a link where I would get the right version)?

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Hello there,

The layout is exactly the same on every Prince of Persia 1 DOS versions, so you probably didn't get the right one. There's a visible difference between them: on 1.4 (and maybe 1.3 but I'm not sure) the dungeon levels have some color changes: level 1 and 2 are grey, 3 and 7 are green, 8 and 9 are "dark grey/green", 12 and 13 are yellow.

You can find the right version on popuw: (the 1.4 download is this link:

If you have any more questions or if I forgot something, feel free to ask :)

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North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


I tried that version (btw. the second link is dead), and it is the correct version. Thank you very much and sorry for the misunderstanding^^'' I practice now this version and hopefully you see my name on the leaderbord :)

Just out of curiosity: Except for the slight sound difference and the obvious color pattern - Why is only that version allowed?

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2 years ago

Consistency. We are playing in an emulator which is not an "official" way of playing the game. So we create a standard to ensure that things are same and fair for everyone who runs the game.


Also, PoP 1.4 is the newest version, with potential stability fixes etc.

Also, we have a script for LiveSplit timer which displays IGT time (which should be used if possible as it provides time with more accuracy). This script supports 1.4 version only (no version detection).

Also, guard hit/parry probabilities are different because of a bug in older versions:

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North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Ah, I've already wondered why LiveSplit was weird with the earlier version...

Thank you very much for your answers :)

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