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Hello guys.
I'm actually learning the game but i have a serious problem:
I can't jump boost. I figured something, i can do it when i'm lagging, but if i'm not, the bug is just not happening. I tried to change the graphics quality but it seems like it change nothing.
So if you have any suggestions of what should i need to do, please tell me. 🙂
Also, if you're not understanding i can put a video here and by this way, we could maybe understand my problem better.
Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english. 🙂


Lag is forbidden. Make sure you are trying Cube Boost in following levels : 01/04/07/10/11. Every other level gives you a higher jump, why this happens is not known. Look up the guide, it explains the cube boost and cube jump pretty detailed


Ok thank you a lot, i figured out the problem. It works fine now 🙂