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Hey, I am a huge pokemon fan, and have been since i first played pokemon with fire red. I love watching pokemon speed runs, and I have decided i'd like to try getting into it myself, as it is yet another way for me to enjoy the games i love so much. however, i don't know where to start. i am intimidated by all the planing and practice involved, but i really want to put in the work to give speed running a shot, so i thought i'd ask for maybe a few suggestions on what i could do to get into it. stuff like what would be a good intro game and maybe the basics of routing would be a huge help. I really hope one day i can be a part of the community, as from what i have seen its a really nice one with lots of great members. Thank you in advance for any help you can give ^^.

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I don't really know much about speedrunning Pokemon myself, but from what I've seen I would say checking your mon's IVs firsthand can come in handy. A good template for checking stats and IVs would be

Say for example you want to do Fire Red. Werster was the first runner I've seen, and in a video he started off with a Mild Squirtle. At level 5 it is a little hard to tell how good this Squirtle will be for your run, so you will need to do the first couple of battles to get a better look into its IVs. In the case of a Mild Squirtle at level 6 after beating Blue's Bulbasaur and getting one Special Attack EV, the best one you can get at this point is:

HP 0EV: 23 (29-31 IVs)
Attack 0EV: 12 (21-31 IVs)
Defence 0EV: 12 (20-31 IVs)
Sp.Att 1EV: 13 (17-31 IVs)
Sp.Def 0EV: 14 (22-31 IVs)
Speed 0EV: 12 (31 IVs)

If the Mild Squirtle has 12 Speed, it's immediately the fastest Squirtle you can get for a non-Speed-boosting nature. This will come in handy in getting the first attack and running away, which you will need to do a lot of. But I think the real kicker is Special Attack, and since the stat range from beating Bulbasaur is 12-13, that means your fastest Squirtle might have average as opposed to high end power, which you may also want. But to get an even better look in, maybe check its stats after beating the level 9 Weedle in Viridian Forest, after which Squirtle will be level 8.

HP 0EV: 27 (25-31 IVs)
Attack 0EV: 15 (29-31 IVs)
Defence 0EV: 15 (20-31 IVs)
Sp.Att 1EV: 16 (25-31 IVs)
Sp.Def 0EV: 17 (22-31 IVs)
Speed 1EV: 14 (27-31 IVs)

This will give you a much better idea of how good your Squirtle will be. If it had 12 Speed at level 6 you will know it's the fastest you can ask for, but even if it was 11 you'll know it's very fast if it becomes 14 at level 8. It's also worth noting that you will want a good Attack to take on Misty later on with Mega Punch and Mega Kick, and Special Attack is vital along with the defensive stats shown. The stats I showed are ideal for running.

Also, there is a lot of RNG that comes to play in all aspects of the game. Hope this was helpful, and best of luck. 🙂

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