Hello, I want to speedrun this game but I dont really see any guides anywhere. Can someone give me a link to a google doc to a guide or at the very least, give me some tips on speedrunning PMD?

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There isn't really a good guide for TIme/Darkness at the moment. I can give you the general strats for the No-Wondermail run here, though. It's pretty much just, "play the game normally, but faster." Note that only Darkness has Violent Seeds, and only TIme has Spurn Orbs, Foe-Hold Orbs, and Petrify Orbs.

Get Meowth as your starter (Sassy Male from the quiz or Relaxed Female), take Cyndaquil as your partner.
Don't sell the Iron before Mt. Bristle, and make Cynda use Smokescreen against Drowzee.
For missions days, you need to complete 3 on the first, two on the second, and one on the rest. After Groudon, you don't need to complete any missions on mission days, just Escape Orb out of Beach Cave or something.

Before the expedition to Fogbound Lake, link Scratch+Bite on Meowth, and link Ember+Tackle on Cyndaquil. Also link Leer+Smokescreen on Cynda, as a separate double-move (important for Groudon).

Don't use Fury Swipes; it misses a lot. When Meowth learns Screech, teach it over Growl. He should end up with Scratch, Bite, Fake Out, and Screech.
When Cynda learns Lava Plume, teach it over Leer. He should end up with Ember, Tackle, Smokescreen, LavaPlume.

After the Waterfall Cave revisit WAY later in the game, link Screech+Scratch+Bite, and link all four of Cynda's moves. together if possible (if he hasn't gotton Lava Plume yet, then just link Ember+Tackle+Smokescreen).

Make Cyndaquil use Lava Plume during the Dusknoir fight, and feed him a Violent Seed if you're playing Darkness.

Throw a Stun Seed at Dialga a.s.a.p. in that fight, so you can close in. If you're playing Darkness and have VIolent Seeds, eat those while he's stunned.

If you have any more questions, you can find the PMD Speedrun discord here to chat with us:
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