[Outdated] Time/Darkness Notes (No-Wondermail)

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness

EDIT: Meowth leader and Cyndaquil partner are found to be optimal for any%.
Also, quick note about the difference between Time and Darkness: If you're playing Darkness, you will not be able to get Petrify Orbs, Spurn Orbs, or Foe-Hold Orbs. If you're playing Time, you will not be able to get Violent Seeds.

Do the Aura quiz and name your partner a single letter name.
(Meowth is Sassy Male or Relaxed Female. Either one works.)

Chapter 1
-Name yourself a 1 character name
-Open the menu and change the dungeon settings to fast and switch off Leer on Cyndaquil, set your attacking move
-Beat the first dungeon as fast as possible.
-Accept making a Rescue Team.
Chapter 2
(Long Cutscene)
-Name your team a 1 letter name.
-Finish Drenched Bluff (6 floors)
Chapter 3
-Go with Chatot and keep pressing B during the cut scenes, then after you´re in Treasure Town go to the Keckeon Market and buy items if you want, then leave to activate the next cut scene.
-Walk to the guild again to activate another cut scene, and then go talk to Bidoof inside the guild.
-Go to Mt. Bristle and beat it as fast as possible (9f+Drowzee)
-Go with Chatot and complete 3 extra missions.
Chapter 4
-Do 2 missions
-Do sentry duty
Chapter 5
-Complete Waterfall Cave as fast as possible (8 floors).
Chapter 6
-Do 1 mission.
-Conplete Sentry Duty again.
-Do 1 extra mission, or enter a dungeon and use an Escape Orb if you have one (mission is optional on this day).
-Complete Apple Woods (12f).
-Do 1 mission.
-Complete Sentry Duty for the third time.
-Do 1 mission.
-Link your moves (Scratch+Bite, and Ember+Leer+Tackle).
Chapter 7
-Take Craggy Coast (9 floors) and finish it.
-Beat Mt. Horn (14 floors)
Chapter 8
-Head into Foggy Forest (11 floors)
Chapter 9
-Finish Steam Cave (8+7+Groudon)
Chapter 10
-Do 1 mission, or Esc Orb out of a dungeon if possible.
-Go to the Keckleon Market and return to the Guild after the cutscene.
-Do 1 mission, or Esc Orb again if possible.
-Go to Amp Plains (10+9+Summit)
-Beat Luxray and 8 Luxio (throw a Stun Seed at a Luxio on the first turn for safety.)
Chapter 11
-Beat Northern Desert (15 floors)
-Beat Quicksand Cave (10+10+Mesprit)
Chapter 12
-Go to Crystal Cave (11f)
-After the cut scene change all the crystals to blue color and go to Crystal Crossing.
-Beat Crystal Crossing (13f+ Crystal Lake).
-You actually need to beat Grovyle; the Give Up strat from Sky will cause you to lose your items!
Chapter 13
-Link moves again: Screech+Scratch+Bite and Ember+Tackle+Smokescreen.
-Two days in a row where you can either do one mission, or use an Escape Orb.
Chapter 14
-Walk to the doors in the prison once you gain control.
-Use "Attack" when Grovyle prompts you for what to do.
-Beat Chasm Cave (8f).
-Beat Dark Hill (15f).
-Beat Sealed Ruins (8f+6f+Spiritbomb).
-For Spiritomb, walk up-left one tile on the first turn, so that it doesn't get to spam ranged moves on you)
Chapter 15
-Beat Dusk Forest (8f)
-Beat Deep Dusk Forest (12f)
Chapter 16
-Several long cutscenes with save prompts scattered throughout
-Beat Treeshroud Forest (20f)
Chapter 17
-Go to Waterfall Cave again (8f; the game won't let you go straight to the Hot Spring).
Chapter 18
-Beat Brine Cave (10+5f+Kubotops)
Chapter 19
-Beat Hidden Land-Hidden Highland (15+8+Dusknoir)
-For the Dusknoir fight, throwing a Stun Seed at Dusknoir helps.
Chapter 20
-Beat Temporal Tower (13+10+Dialga)
-Try to throw a Stun Seed at Dialga a.s.a.p., and if you can't then try walking straight foward instead. Hopefully he'll approach gently.

Time stops when the music stops just before the credit roll (camera moves to an ocean view just before).