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Perhaps we could speedrun a category that goes through Rayquaza, and then on through the end of everything that happens in the Story. I don't know if you all have played through that far (as a kid or even these days) but the entire story ends when you escort Gengar through Mt. Freeze and Murky Cave. He gives you a Mobile Scarf and then you can recruit Gardevoir in the pokemon square on the next day. The category could either be called "Recruit Gardevoir" because it specifically defines what the category requires. It could also be called "Full Story" as it completes everything necessary without doing extra dungeons (for icons and such). I will provide all requirements for this storyline to fold out below.

After Rayquaza: Talk to Medicham, Lombre, then Whiscash. Get Dive TM. Complete Stormy Sea.

Buried Relic is not required.

Obtain Surf TM from Solar Cave. Purchase Southern Island friend area (9500 poke). Complete Northern Range and Pitfall Valley.

Obtain "Sky Blue Plains" friend area (reward for bulletin-board quest). Next day, visit Whiscash. Ekans/Medicham will be talking. Next day, just Ekans is there. Next day, Ekans is at the bulletin board. He will give you the job to rescue Medicham from Wish Cave B20F.

After rescuing Medicham, Gengar will start his series of missions. When he confronts you at your base, he will ask for help. Escort him through Mt. Freeze to see Ninetales. Then escort him through Murky Cave.

Afterwards, he will grant you a mobile scarf and you will be able to recruit Gardevoir on the next day.

Not required in this run: Recruiting Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno or Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. Defeating Lugia, Ho-oh, Mew, Mewtwo, Kyogre, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys.

If I'm missing anything or I have anything wrong, let me know. This would be a nice category for post-game content rather than All Icons.

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If you are interested in doing a run of this type, feel free! I see no reason not to, and as you point out, it is far less of a commitment than all icons is while still encompassing the major story arc. As somebody who did a vast majority of the work for all icons, I would suggest that you go out of your way to recruit Articuno and use him to complete the post game dungeons, rather than tempt fate using Skitty, given how Articuno is not only in the low 50's when you recruit him, but he also has access to powder snow and agility, moves that allow you to deal with a wide range of situations, for instance the silver wind spam you may encounter while going through Pitfall Valley, large rooms full of enemies, etc. However if you find that it can be done just as easily with Skitty, go for it!

Thank you for your post! Glad you are interested in doing runs like this. 🙂

I also strongly suggest you join the PMD discord, it will make answering questions such as this much more streamlined!