Hi all!

I recently completed my first speed run of this game (4h52min40sec) on an emulator, but I'd like to get a capture device for my wii u and start recording my runs.

My question is which game should I buy and run on the wiiu virtual console? Are there any major differences that would make one superior to run over the other?

I noticed that most of the submitted runs where for Blue rescue team, and was just curious if there were any reasons for that.


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Hey there!

I would absolutely get Blue Rescue Team for the virtual console, it's pretty much what everyone uses to run PMD. Comparatively, Red Rescue Team is just much less optimized, so that's why you don't really see people running on it.

If you haven't already, please feel free to join the PMD discord! If you have any future questions, we would be glad to help and you would get a much faster response than on the forums!


Have a good one!

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