Hey, I'm interested in starting speedruns of Mystery Dungeon: Team Red, but i dont have a capture card for my DS/GBA. would you allow Emulators? And if yes, which one should i use? Thank you! 🙂

Zylo :>


Hey Zylo, unfortunately to my knowledge emulators are not allowed. Emulators tend to load times based on your computer specs and will actually supersede console loading times if you have a good HDD. We think that using an emulator gives you about a 2 min difference over console, on average.

By all means don't let this fact deter you from running this game. A lot of runners look at MbisonFute's no save and quit run as the real WR even when it was done on an emulator (considering the Console WR and his time has a 4 minute difference).

For emulators, DesMuMe is a great DS emulator that can work exactly like a console (except for the independent loading times) if used correctly.