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EDIT 07/03/2020: All rewards are now available for every region due to an updated list. Because of that, the restrictions listed in this post no longer apply when submitting runs.

Outdated Post:

Those WM codes are now allowed in GTI speedruns. We only allow all codes that give the same items in all versions to provide fair competition. Therefore only one code can be used (e.g. for Reviver Seed) if there are more in the respective version since the PAL one only has one code for it.

It's recommend to get Reviver Seeds for the first bossfight and All Protect Orbs for the Munna bossfight, the other ones don't have to be used.

Allowed codes:


Q858FWH2: All Protect Orb
3K9RNQC3: Gold Scope
3W29MF3N: Joy Ribbon
FXT4NX7N: Joy Seed
9H6R9QSS: Reviver Seeds x 3


2C3YJ43F: All Protect Orb
KQM4W3H2: Gold Scope
P326J5WX: Joy Ribbon
JTN34N92: Joy Seed
KQ5ST45X: Reviver Seeds x 3

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