How to Run Gates to Infinity

By MozzarellaCheezMozzarellaCheez. Last updated

For Cheez's more detailed notes that use better strats, check out this document:

(Below is an old parody guide)

+ Have a chip clip ready to be clamped onto your B button during cutscenes.
+ Pick Axew as the leader, and Pikachu as the partner.
+ Hold Y during fights to skip move animations.
+ Enter these Wondermail Codes after your first (of many) Ragged Mountain visit(s):
2C3YJ43F--------All Protect Orbs x5------------Q858FWH2
JTN34N92------------Joy Seed x1-----------------FXT4NX7N
KQ5ST45X---------Reviver Seed x3-------------9H6R9QSS

+ Dual Chop literally everything once you learn it.
+ Do a Ragged Mountain mission on every mission day. Make them outlaw missions if possible.
+ Use an All Protect Orb on every boss fight where you get a million partners.
+ Use Pure Seeds on floors with weather conditions.
+ Use items / Team Attack when you're getting owned.
+ Use your two Joy Seeds when you hit Lv30 so you can get Dragon Dance (plot gives you a Joy Seed at some point).

Congratulations, if you know how to play the game, you read this, and you are willing to record/stream a 3ds game for nine hours straight, you are ready to run the game!