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Hi, I'm finap13.

I'm not really a speedrunner of this game, but I still like it and watch speedruns of it from time to time.

A while back I wrote some code that randomizes where the game takes you when entering a loading zone. However, this code crashed, but only on certain emulators. I didn't know why.

Last night, I realized there was a checksum function in the boot code of Paper Mario, and that nemu64 was inaccurately performing a BGEZAL instructon; one that would have caused it to enter an infinite loop and crash.

So, I just replaced the instructions that sent the n64 to the infinite loop with null ops, and voila, a paper mario loading zone randomizer was born.

You can download a BETA here:


Q: Who the hell are you?
A: I'm whoever you want me to be.

Q: How does this work?
A: This works by replacing some instructions in the "load new area" function that manipulate Mario's "next location" value, to jump to new, custom code I injected. The custom code does it's thing (replaces the "next" location value with the RNG value so that it's randomized), and returns back to the "load new area" function, right where it left off.

Q: Can I test some betas in the future?
A: Sure, hit me up on discord: finap13#9627.

Q: Any future projects?
A: Yes, I am currently working on an All Cards practice ROM.

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I tried to download this rom and run it on Project54 v2.3.0.210, is the random loading zones suppose to start anywhere specific? Because I'm all the way at koopa bro's fortress with nothing new.


do u think it could be possible to randomise badges or enemies?


Is this still being worked on? I can't seem to get it to work


Is this still being worked on?

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