JP Any% Guide

By GeshodeGeshode. Last updated

Hey guys,

compared to the guides to the other games, this one is a more moderate version (less work for me 😃 ), so not as detailed in case of where to click to go to the next screen, etc. But it has all the information needed to finish a run.

I don't remember, which route I based this guide on, since I wrote it a while back. But I think, I watched Mindez's run at that time. I am not saying, that this is the best or fastest route, but it is a way to start.

Of course you can ask anytime, if there are questions.

Best of luck,



TIME START with clicking OK on the naming screen


click man sitting on the right table, click red dressed man

001: move figure to third table from the left in first row

click man in suit with mic


002: Mark H

talk to old woman, click yellow car, 2x up, talk to Stachen, click on stairs

004: Enter 3

up, click door of house in the background


006: Enter 10

down, click above blue clock (top left)

008: Enter 12


009: Click B

Chapter 1

down, talk to man, click on left blue door, talk to man on the right

010: Enter きん

talk to woman on the left, 2x down, talk to man, down, click bus stop (smoke), talk to man


talk to person, 2x right, talk to girl on the right, enter building (door on right side), talk to old woman

013: Click C

talk to girl


click night stand


2x down, left, talk with boy, up, enter left door, talk to cook

017: Enter 8

down, up, talk to man with newspaper, right, up, enter subway station (right side), click ticket machine, select bottom left station, right, click middle bush in front of building (multiple times)

146: Enter 2

enter building, talk to girl

020: Enter びようし

left, click front of bed (blue bag)


talk to Shrader


talk to Shrader, right, up, click car

023: Enter 47

Chapter 2

click door on the right, down, enter subway station, click ticket machine, select middle station, leave station, talk to woman with apron

019: Enter 15

down, talk to man, left, enter hotel, talk to girl, down, right, 2x up, talk to man

026: Enter P

up, click fountain (multiple times)

144: Mark E

enter casino (click on door)

027: Enter カジノ

Guessing cards: Spade is card on the right

Talk to Fluke, click door, down


Chapter 3

3x down, left, down, enter Restaurant, talk to left man, down, up, right, 2x up, right, click statue

032: Click C

talk to man

033: Enter 6

up, talk to man

034: Enter SOS

2x up, talk to man, right, talk to man

036: Enter こえ

right, click ruins on right side (multiple times)

147: Enter J

right, talk to man, click on cat

037: Click C

up, click on left door (multiple times)

153: Mark rhombus (top right)

talk to men, down, left

Chapter 4

2x left, talk to man, click on parrot

038: http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​038-1.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​038-3.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​038-5.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​038-7.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​038-9.​jpg

Give parrot name, 3x down, left, down, left, talk to man

039: Click C


040: Fill 2315 in gap

down, enter house on the left, click flower, down, 2x up, click on door in the back (twice), up, talk to man (twice), 5x down, click on bus stop, choose number 1

Chapter 5

talk to woman on the left, enter university, talk to man


enter Layton's office (door in the middle), talk to Flora (twice), click desk, down, click bus stop, choose number 2, enter building, talk to man

050: Mark the hospital (びょういん)

go right stairs up, talk to Barton, talk to Chelmey, down, go down left stairs, talk to Barton (twice)

051: Click B

talk to Layton, down, go right stairs up, talk to Chelmey, 2x down, click bus stop, choose number 1, 2x up

Chapter 6

enter clock shop, up, talk to man, 2x down, talk to Chelmey, talk to man on the left


down, talk to Stachen, click on parrot in Layton's suitcase, click speech bubble, click on Stachen, leave menu, 2x down, right enter Hotel, up (twice), down, talk to man, down, left, top, enter restaurant, talk to man on the left, down, top, right, top, left, click on building in the back

058: 2x right, 3x left

talk to Fluke

Chapter 7

down, right, 2x up, talk to people, down, right, top, talk to man

060: Mark A

2x up, 2x right

062: red, yellow, white, red, black, green, yellow, white, red, black, green, yellow, blue, yellow, green

right, click flower

003: Enter ゆめ

007: Enter 2

012: Enter 5

016: Enterよる

024: Enter に

041: Click B


045: Enter 37

049: Click B

052: Click B

leave menu, up, talk to people, click on door, talk to man on the right

063: Mark small finger (3)

2x up, talk to man, down, talk to boy on the left, enter restaurant (right door), talk to woman, leave, down, right, enter shop, talk to woman, leave, talk to man, left, talk to man on the right, right, up, enter animal shop, talk to woman, down (twice), left, talk to man on the right

Chapter 8

2x down, talk to man, 3x left, up, right, click on bunny (right)

078: Enter カエル

right, click door of the building, talk to man behind bar

081: Mark 6 (on right side)

down, click on Barton (window next to the door), 2x left, down

Chapter 9

3x right, 4x up, talk to man

086: http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​086-1.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​086-3.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​086-5.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​086-7.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​086-9.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​086-11.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​086-13.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​086-15.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​086-17.​jpg

up, talk to man

089: Mark F

up, click door

090: Click A

enter door, up, click door

091: Mark symbol next to G

go through door, up, click on people

092: Mark beneath the bridge (right side of the map)

up, click middle pillar


2x up, click middle of screen

094: http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​094-1.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​094-3.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​094-5.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​094-7.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​094-9.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​094-11.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​094-13.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​094-15.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​094-17.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​094-19.​jpg

click on door

095: Click D

11431 for Stars and Banner Battle against Dimitri


click on desk


click left door, down

Chapter 10

down, enter subway station, click ticket machine (right side), choose middle station, left, down, left, enter hotel, up, down, leave, right, 2x up, right, talk to Luke, 3x up, 3x right, talk to man

109: 5x right, 1x left, 6x right, 3x left

click flower



057: Mark 6 and 9

064: Click C

065: Click 1,2,3,7,13,15 and then okay (counted from left to right)

066: Click A

067: Enter 1

070: Click B

076: Enter 5

077: Enter 20

082: Click A

083: Enter 0

087: Enter 0

088: 1 pound 3x, 2 pound 2x, 3 pound 1x


leave menu, 3x left, up, right, up, click door

110: 1x A, 9x B, 7x C, 4x D

enter, talk to man, up

Chapter 11

click on left door in wall

111: Enter みぎした

click door again, click on hole in the ground on left side

112: from top to bottom: 1,2,3

click wall/gate in the back


up, talk to people


up, talk to man, up, click on safe door in the back


down, up (ladder on the right), down, right

116: Click C


Chapter 12

Talk to Barton

117: Select かのじょにめにゅーをたのむ and press okay

down, right, talk to Fluke, enter building, talk to Celeste


talk to Dimitri

Chapter 13

talk to Celeste, talk to Don Paolo, left, down, click on car

118: Mark D

click door


click door again, click gate

120: Select 1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10,13,14,15

click door, click map, choose top right, click safe door on the left (twice), talk to Flora


down (twice), click lift (right side)

122: Enter TOWER

click map, choose top left, talk to man

123: Enter 9

up, talk to Fluke


click middle of screen (Screens in the background)


down, right, click helicopter, left, into lift, click green screen, click map, choose bottom left, click metal ball

126: http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​126-1.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​126-3.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​126-5.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​126-7.​jpg http:/​/​layton-jikan.​g-takumi.​com/​images/​nazo/​126-9.​jpg

Click on man



click on metal ball, choose はい


down, click on car


SPLIT TIME at OKAY of second mystery screen