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Nice guide, but is everything applicable to Ultra Sun as well?


Ultra Sun's route is completely different due to the few changes between the games. The Ultra Sun route mainly uses Primarina and the Ultra Moon route uses Hawlucha.

These differences being:
- Poipole battles are more physically defensive in Ultra Sun, while being more specially defensive in Ultra Moon. Team Recon Squad will use X-Items accordingly and while, for instance, an Oceanic Operetta will kill in one shot in Ultra Sun, but would do less than half in Ultra Moon. Same applies for Hawlucha (except that it's not weak to Poison and it's less of an issue to not one shot, which you don't anway from what I recall)
- You most notably battle Sophocles in Ultra Sun, which you don't in Ultra Moon. The move Encore helps a lot to not straight die in this fight without setting up a billion X-Sp.Defs and X-Defs.

That being said, Ultra Moon is probably the faster game, unless a way is found to beat Lurantis with Brionne only in Ultra Sun (which is the only real reason Hawlucha is even used in that route).

You can find my notes for Ultra Sun here (keep in mind, they can be edited at any point if I find improvements):

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