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Can the leaderboard please be changed so that the 1st place time of Blazephlozard on the any% leaderboard is showing correctly?

RNG manipulation should be a different category. The run time that it should show should be 1:53:26 instead of 1:26


Okay i really don't understand that standpoint. I mean, why are we allowing self-made scripts to manipulate the game? That is a complete different way of manipulating the game then for example manipulating the game with button inputs.
I mean, if you play on a real console, u are not able to manipulate the same way as on Emulator so there already is a HUGE difference. ( As you can tell I really disagree there 😛 )

Besides this,
Does it look like nobody on PSR cares about this board at all. Its not updated with new rules or stuff, what is added to other pokemon games, for example: In a lot of pokemon games there are ENG and JAP leaderboards, but for this game its all put in one.
Nowhere is described that you are allowed to tool-assist youtr speedrun. If I go to the rules of the Any% category, it shows me just the general rules of pokemon games, but not special rules for this game.

For me as a runner it doesnt feel fair at all to compre times that are tool- assisted and those that aren't.
So I will continue this and will try what you did before, Ill let the Moderators know about this all.

ps: Why do I care? Because this whole thing is partly a reason for me that stops me from running this game. It feels unfair, and everybody that i wanna show this leaderboard to, doesnt like to run a game with a board as this one.


btw sorry for posting all this here on the forum, i will switch to discord 😛