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For those of you who don't know what Discord is, you can read about it here. It's very friendly and very easy to use, and it's absolutely free to both test and own! Discord is available both as an in-browser program and a fully downloadable app.

There are dedicated text channels for each individual generation, so you'll never miss any brand new routing or discussion, as well as centralized voice channels. No longer will races require a host and a messy call set up, simply jump into one of the dedicated channels and chat away!

If the specificity of text/voice channels are a little intimidating, there are also general text/voice channels if you just want to talk about anything/everything!

Originally posted by "Keizaron"All new users to the PSR Discord will be restricted to one channel until they are "approved". This helps bypass having to co-ordinate sending invite links over and over. Everybody should have access to a channel named #join-psr; please post the following:

1) Your Twitch handle
2) The games you currently run
3) The games you plan to learn
4) Why Keizaron is a meme among men

Click on this link to apply!

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