Any% ACE Route / Notes

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NOTE: There's a few different names you can do. The name here is the first one I found for the TAS; it is 9 characters, but minimizes cursor movements greatly. There's another name I found later which saved 4 frames in the TAS, which is 8 characters: づs_ゥCRh-
1. Set your deck name to づsHァゥCRh-, then delete the - (DO NOT view the deck) (You don't have to save the name before deleting the -, and if you accidentally delete extra characters, it's fine up to the ゥ)
2. Down+A glitch twice (the first time gets you to Grass Energy description, followed by infinite party screen)
brief summary of "Down+A glitch" (though I recommend checking TCG1's guides/runs with it):
You do it during lag frames so they're buffered and not frame perfect
And the down+A is done when the board state is on screen, it has to do with the cursor position being stuck where it shouldn't be
So like down+A when a card description is up does nothing, you press B to close card description, then press down+A during the lag frames loading board state screen
In this run, the absolute fastest way to do it once you reach the Hand/Check/etc. menu is:
Select, then quickly let go of Select (it will fail if Select is held!) and hold Down+A (Grass Energy description should come up)
B, then quickly hold Down+A
technical details:
We need to run the code at 314A to trigger the credits
The Down+A glitch starts running code at D0D2 (because register HL is D0D2), which is a general buffer for things that happened during your last deck edit (the last cards you saw in the edit screen, your deck contents, your deck name)
So, this area is empty, unless you edit your deck. If we just edit the name, execution slides to it (at D2E0)
We write "jump (HL)" to D300 (using register A), then set HL to 314A
Using the values already in the registers, this is fairly easy:
load 4A into C, inc A, rotate A left, rotate A right and load A into D, rotate A right and load C into E, place A's value into DE's address, load 31 into H, load E into L
0E 4A (hirigana 4,3 "), 04 3C (s), 04 17 (H), 0F 57 (bottom row, 5), 0F 59 (bottom row, 7), 04 12 (C), 04 21 (R) 04 31 (h), 00 69 (-, then delete it)
Hope this helps, ask questions in #tcg-2 in the Pokemon Speedruns Discord if you need

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