Any% Glitchless Non-Manip Route

By RaagentregRaagentreg. Last updated

This is the newest version of the route (uses Bulbasaur against GR1, completely overhauled GR Psychic):
This is an older route text file, with some added explanations of things:
I'm not the best at writing these things probably, and it has nothing about aspects like when you should reset over starting hands, how to manipulate enemy AI, major threats in opponent's decks, etc.; it's more just about the edits I use.
StrawberryWhiteblock's old Google Doc has some more detailed info, most of which should still be relevant (although overall, the run is much easier now thanks to the Heather/Kristin booster manip):
Feel free to do your own edits and strategies based on what cards you've gotten and what seems to be fastest (or more reliable) to you.

Original work not done by Raagentreg