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For a while I've been running this game on a Gambatte emulator because it allows me to use a more comfortable controller with custom button mapping, but now that I've hit my personal goal on this game I want to try and make runs on the console work.

I understand the the following are needed to record on consoles:

-The Gamecube/GC Controller
-A Gameboy Code Breaker for save states in order to play with tutorial skips
-The Gameboy Game
-A Gamecube Gameboy Player
-A Capture card

I have all of these pieces and I've tried messing with a setup that works for me, but I've encountered a few problems-

1 - Input Lag

My current setup uses the gamecube composite cables into an upscaler which outputs to HDMI. I then go from HDMi to the Avermedia LGP, and from Avermedia to the computer and a generic HDTV. While playing other games on the gamecube I've noticed no major lag, but for some reason when I use the gameboy player things seem slightly slower to react whenever I press an input. This could be just because there are so many precise inputs when menuing, but I've noticed myself selecting the wrong card or attaching the wrong energy way more than usual.

2 - The Controller

I actually love the GameCube controller, but there is one thing that I really dislike about it - the D Pad. I have very large hands and I feel like every time I push a direction on the D Pad it registers as 2 different directions at once (ie I press UP but it reads as UP+Right). I've tried the analogue stick which is better, but still not perfect.

My question to you runners who play the game and record it on console - what setup do you use? Also, is there a recommended alternate controller that could work well instead of the standard one? I currently run a PS4 controller on PC and I like that each of the 4 D pad buttons are not connected to each other.

Thanks, and good luck with your runs!


I use a CRT and don't have any input lag issues, on any GBP games. And I also use a normal ol' Gamecube controller. I tend to use the control stick for overworld movement and the d-pad for menuing. I thought it'd be terrible, but, it actually works quite well. At first I hated it and was making a lot of bad inputs but I quickly got used to the d-pad.
If you have a Gamecube/GBA link cable, you can use a GBA as the controller. I think that's what werster uses for all of this runs. I love the gamecube controller though.

Oh also, I use the alternate controller setup where L/R are the select button and X/Y are L/R. Makes sorting and soft resetting way easier.


What capture device do you use that accepts composite input and also output into a CRTV? I have one of those ancient original Hauppauge units that can probably do it, but at like 15-30 seconds delayed audio it probably won't work for streaming.

I never knew that the GBA could be used as a controller though, I'll have to try that out and see if it feels any better.

Thanks for the input!


For my setup, I put a splitter (i.e. an RCA 1-female-to-2-male cable) on each of the three output cables from the GameCube, running one side to a CRT and the other to my capture card. This gives no input lag, no matter what's going on on the capture-card side.

I originally used a GameCube controller for Game Boy games (and when I did, I kept select on X/Y rather than L/R and usually had better results with the d-pad rather than the control stick even though I still had to consciously think about the angle I was pressing it to avoid brief wrong-direction inputs...), but once I tried a GBASP via GCN/GBA link cable, it was so much more pleasant that I could never go back.