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Hey guys, I only now discovered this site and I'm loving to watch your speedruns on Pokémon Trading Card Game, and on Pokémon games in general. Great job everyone.

So, I'm writing this because I could never find any community that talks about this game. This is not about speedrunning in particular, but it still has to do with setting records.

You know the challenge machine at the end of the game, right? I remember that back in the days I easily reached 100 consecutive wins hoping that I would get a reward for it, which obviously didn't happen. Since you guys know this game so well, do you know if there's an official in-game record to beat? Surely there are a lot of people out there who went on a very long streak, but I'm still very curious to learn more about this.

I hope this is not too off-topic for being here. If so, feel free to delete the thread. Thank you for your attention, keep up the good work!

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