Gym Leader Castle Round 1 - Zewing - July 18th, 2020

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Pokemon Stadium 2 Gym Leader Castle Round 1

Updated July 18th, 2020

Early Manip Route w/ 11 Teams

This route puts emphasis on fights that are manipulated to give above average results. After they're done, its
runners preference where to go. To clarify: Misty -> Brock -> Blue -> Erika -> Rest of route. Current order
listed is what I personally use

Team 1: Flareon, Heracross, Magmar, Venusaur, Weezing @ Przcure, Wobbuffet @ Burnt
Team 2: Abra @ Mint, Haunter @ Burnt, Magneton @ Bitter, Voltorb @ Berry, Weezing @ Ice, Wobbuffet @ Przcure
Team 3: Diglett @ Burnt, Haunter @ Bitter, Corsola, Piloswine @ Berry, Tentacruel @ Przcure, Slowbro
Team 4: Staryu, Haunter, Jynx, Kadabra @ Bitter, Weezing, Zapdos @ Burnt
Team 5: Donphan @ Ice, Fearow, Gastly @ Przcure, Geodude @ Bitter, Graveler, Weezing
Team 6: Donphan, Jynx @ Mint, Heracross @ Ice, Pineco @ Burnt, Koffing @ Przcure, Kadabra @ Berry
Team 7: Kadabra @ Bitter, Geodude, Hitmonchan @ Mint, Voltorb, Weezing @ Przcure, Heracross @ Burnt
Team 8: Donphan, Fearow @ Berry, Graveler, Alakazam, Voltorb, Weezing @ Mint
Team 9: Aerodactyl, Omanyte, Graveler, Weezing @ Przcure, Scyther, Hitmonlee
Team 10: Fearow @ Przcure, Haunter, Kadabra @ Bitter, Pineco, Voltorb @ Burnt, Wobbuffet @ Berry
Team 11: Golbat, Zapdos @ Mint, Hoppip, Skiploom, Jumpluff, Skarmory

Item translations since I'm on Japanese


Before the run begins, put the cursor on Clair
After Blaine, put cursor on Janine before swapping to Johto region.



Thunder (Up) to win

Jumpluff (Up) if needed with Headbutt (Right)

NOTE: Golduck lead is only winnable scenario, cannot win if you take a Hydro Pump missing the range
NOTE: Rock Smash (Right) Togetic @ HP < 8 (can do it at 8, generally favorable roll)


Brock - A B UP

Giga Drain (Up) = win

Reset if Pinsir / Forretress show up

NOTE: Switchout from lead pokemon = loss
NOTE: Kabutops Ancient Power +1 requires another hit to KO


Blue - UP B DOWN

If Alakazam lead -> Mirror Coat (Down)

|> If Gyarados / Exeggutor 2nd -> Mirror Coat (Down), then switch to Tentacruel (Right). Sludge Bomb (Right) twice.

Finish with Bubblebeam (Up)

|> If Arcanine 2nd -> Switch to Diglett (Up) and Earthquake (Up). Fissure (Down), then switch to Tentacruel (Right)

to finish with Bubblebeam (Up)

*|> If Exeggutor 2nd -> Mirror Coat (Down). Switch to Diglett (Up) and Earthquake (Up). Switch to Tentacruel (Right)

and finish with Sludge Bomb (Right), then Bubblebeam (Up) against Rhydon (SAFER)

If Gyarados / Arcanine lead -> Switch to Tentacruel (Right) and Sludge Bomb (Right) twice. Go to Corsola and Mirror Coat vs. Gyarados. Tentacruel deals with Rhydon

If Rhydon lead -> Mirror Coat (Down), then switch to Tentacruel (Right) and Sludge Bomb (Right) until Gyarados KO.

Switch to Diglet (Up) once Arcanine shows up and Earthquake (Up). Fissure (Down), then switch to Tentacruel (Right)

to finish with Bubblebeam (Up)

NOTE: The use of Fissure in this fight is required since Earthquake cannot KO Rhydon and it's only beneficial to attempt
NOTE: If you didn't get the range vs. Exeggutor, go to Diglet and fissure twice (Ai switches to Rhydon)
NOTE: Diglett's Earthquake does 22-27 vs. Exeggutor



Explosion (Down). Swap to Jynx (Right) and Ice Punch (Up).

Pineco (Up) generally if needing to take down Vaporeon from no switch in

NOTE: Chansey / Venusaur / Bellossom / Jumpyluff do not switch out turn 1
NOTE: Sludge Bomb (Up) twice if Bellossom lead and hope for both sleep powders to miss


Lt. Surge - A B LEFT

If Electrode lead -> Swap to Diglet (Up) for sacrifice, then go back to Piloswine (Left)

If Porygon / Lanturn show up -> Swap to Haunter (Right) and Destiny Bond (Left)

Else -> Earthquake (Right)

NOTE: If Diglet in vs. anything it can't KO, use Fissure (Down)
NOTE: If crit from Lanturn, go to Diglet (Up) and Fissure (Down)
NOTE: If sp.def drop vs. Electabuzz -> Swap to Haunter (Right), then immediately swap to Piloswine (Left, Raichu uses T-Bolt)
NOTE: If Piloswine cannot survive surf -> Swap to Haunter (Right) and Destiny Bond (Left), requires you to break through a paralysis check.


Sabrina - A LEFT UP

Rain Dance (Left). Mirror Coat (Down). Self-Destruct (Right). Haunter (Up) Shadow Ball (Up), then D-Bond (Left)

Magneton (Right) with Thunder (Up) and Swift (Right). Go here if SD crit, or 2nd pokemon is Wigglytuff

NOTE: Giga Drain Furret as it 2HKO's after Self-Destruct
NOTE: Magneton Swift: 21-25 to Mr. Mime / Furret, 20-24 to Hypno, 15-18 to Slowbro, 26-31 to Wigglytuff



Self-Destruct (Down)

If Rapidash KO Turn 1 -> Swap to Donphan (Right) and Earthquake (Up)

If Rapidash Switched out -> Swap to Weezing (Up) and Self-Destruct (Down). Swap to Donphan (Right) and Earthquake (Up)

NOTE: Weezing outspeeds Octillery in case it survives Self-Destruct.
NOTE: Rapidash not switching out generally means all fire team


Will - A DOWN B

Explosion (Down). Swap to Voltorb (Up)

If Girafarig turn 2 -> Swap to Fearow (Right), Drill Peck (Up) then Hyper Beam (Right). Finish with Voltorb (Up)

• If Clefable in back and lived with Fearow -> Hyper Beam (Right) then Mirror Coat (Down) with Voltorb

Else -> Mirror Coat (Down) (Thunder to finish off Xatu / Clefable only if Volt HP < 70, extremely worth it)

Explosion (Right) afterwards and finish with Fearow (Right) with Drill Peck (Up) or Hyper Beam (Right)

NOTE: Fearow Drill Peck does at least 54 Damage to Clefable. Hyper Beam Clefable EVEN AFTER a Voltorb Self-Destruct (full health, Fearow can 1v1 back most of time)
NOTE: If Fearow vs. Clefable -> Drill Peck into Hyper Beam (very unlikely range, Drill Peck a second time if turn 1 miss)
NOTE: Exeggutor second switching into Girafarig -> Self-Destruct (Right), then Drill Peck the rest of the fight
NOTE: Fearow Hyper Beam -> 109-129 Girafarig, 100-118 Clefable, 102-121 Xatu, OHKO Kadabra / Jynx


Koga - A DOWN UP

Explosion (Down). Swap to Kadabra (Right) and Psychic (Up)

If Explosion missed / didn't KO Muk -> Swap to Voltorb (Up) and Self-Destruct (Right)

NOTE: If Muk lived Explosion -> Rain Dance into Thunder can be done since Muk double teams again (much safer strat)
NOTE: If Electrode 2nd after lead KO -> Swap to Voltorb (Up) and Self-Destruct (1 double team + toxic)
NOTE: Golbat is a 33% range w/ Psychic, go for it otherwise he'll detect spam


Bruno - A LEFT UP

If Heracross -> Giga Drain (Right)

|> If Golem switch-in -> Giga Drain (Right)

||> If Current HP + Golem HP / 2 > 127 -> Giga Drain (Right), then Explosion (Down) Machamp.

Go to Haunter (Up) and Destiny Bond (Left). Kadabra (Right) if needed

||> Else -> Explosion (Down). Haunter (Up) to Destiny Bond (Left). Kadabra (Right) to finish

|> If Blastoise switch-in -> Explosion (Down). Go to Haunter (Up) and Destiny Bond (Left). Kadabra (Right) to finish

If Kangaskhan / Blastoise lead -> Explosion (Down).

|> If no switchout -> Go to Haunter (Up) and Destiny Bond (Left). Kadabra (Right) to finish

|> If Kangaskhan switchout -> Go to Kadabra (Right) and Psychic (Up) till KO. Haunter (Up) if needed

NOTE: Kadabra Thunderpunch the following: Heracross HP < 35 , Machamp HP < 38
NOTE: Haunter Shadowball the following: Golem HP < 24, Blastoise HP < 29, Onix HP < 21, Machamp after 1 Psychic
NOTE: Haunter's Shadowball does more damage than Giga-Drain against neutral targets
NOTE: Can switch from Kadabra into Haunter against Onix, go for Psychic range and survive switchin
NOTE: If Kangaskhan KO's Pineco lead -> Switch to Haunter (Up) and Giga Drain (Right), hope you KO whatever comes in. Adapt


Karen - B LEFT UP

Pursuit (Down). Swap to Haunter (Up) and Destiny Bond (Left). Kadabra (Right) to finish.

Fearow (Left) if Haunter got quick clawed, or as backup

NOTE: Kadabra Ranges: Magmar is a 35% 2HKO, Gengar / Victrebell is 100% OHKO. Rest are 2HKO guarantees
NOTE: Magmar attracts Fearow, Gengar Attracts Fearow (safe switch-in to Kadabra)
NOTE: Kadabra T-Punch the following: Vileplume HP < 18, Magmar after 2 Psychics
NOTE: Hyper Beam (Right) Murkrow 79% range
NOTE: Do not switch into Fearow vs. Magmar, go for the Range with Kadabra



If Aerodactyl lead -> Swap to Voltorb (Right) for sacrifice.

|> If Aero switches to Steelix -> Self-Destruct (Right). Go to Haunter (Left) and Destiny Bond (Left). Wobbuffet (Up) to finish

|> Else -> Switch to Wobbuffet (Up) and Counter (Up) till KO'd Aero. Swap to Haunter (Left) and Destiny Bond (Left)

Finish with Wobbuffet (Up) and Counter (Up)

Else -> Destiny Bond (Left). Swap to Wobbuffet (Up) and Counter (Up) spam (Destiny Bond against last pokemon for safety)

NOTE: Voltorb -> Thunder OHKO's Gyarados, Mirror Coat KO's Charizard.
NOTE: Counter Aerodactyl in back if HP > 104, Mirror Coat Charizard if HP > 102
NOTE: Switch to Voltorb on Dragonite surviving Counter AND HP > 104
NOTE: Wobbuffet outspeeds Steelix, Destiny Bond as safety (fight is hard enough to win, but HP > 90 is non crit safe)


Gloria - DOWN B A

Self-Destruct (Down).

If KO'd Exeggucute -> go to Voltorb (Right) and Self-Destruct (Right). Abra (Up) to finish

Else -> Go to Abra (Up) and Psychic (Up) / Ice Punch (Right)

Voltorb (Right) if needed

NOTE: If Abra vs. Jigglypuff / Clefairy -> Switch to Voltorb (Right) and Self-Destruct (Right)


Vince - A DOWN B

Self-Destruct (Right), then switch to Weezing (Up) and Self-Destruct (Down). Abra (Right) to finish

NOTE: Self-Destruct KO's Charmander / Cyndaquil 93%, Thunder KO's Totodile 100% if it hits



If Rhydon -> Counter (Up)

If Lapras -> Switch to Haunter (Up) and Destiny Bond (Left). Go back to Wobbuffet (Left)

Else -> Mirror Coat (Right)

Haunter (Up) and Voltorb (Right) if needed

NOTE: Haunter can switch into Dragonair safely since crit lets Voltorb still win potentially
NOTE: Voltorb has to Mirror Coast at least 1 time vs. Ampharos before Self-Destructing


Alvin - DOWN A B

Self-Destruct (Down).

If KO'd Smoochum / Shellder Switched / no KO -> Go to Kadabra (Right)

Else -> Swap to Voltorb (Up). Adapt (go for KO's)


Carol - DOWN A B

Self-Destruct (Down). Swap to Voltorb (Up).

If Seadra / Qwilfish / Delibird (not last) -> Thunder (Up)

If Azumaril full health -> Mirror Coat (Down)

Else -> Explosion (Right)

Kadbara (Right) with Psychic (Up) and Thunder Punch (Right).

NOTE: If Flinched / Crit by Headbutt [Kadabra v. Delibird] -> Reflect (Down), then Thunder Punch (Right)
NOTE: If Seadra icy winds Voltorb, use Mirror Coat instead of Thunder to KO


Pryce - RIGHT A UP

If Jynx -> Reversal (Up)

|> If Reversal didn't KO -> Switch to Voltorb (Up) and Self-Destruct (Right). Bring back Heracross (Left)

If Donphan / Ursaring -> Counter (Down)

Adapt from here, Endure (Left) if it puts your Reversal at higher BP.

Hitmonchan (Right) as main backup, Voltorb (Up) if needed

NOTE: Reversal BP: 200 @ 1-5 HP, 150 @ 6-15 HP, 100BP @ 16-31 HP, 80BP @ 32-54 HP
NOTE: Reversal 200 BP OHKO Cloyster ; 150BP OHKO Piloswine, Dewgong, Ursaring, Jynx
NOTE: Jynx lead puts you at Reversal 100BP Minimum and 200BP Maximum
NOTE: Endure Cloyster @ HP < 65, Endure Dewgong @ HP < 58
NOTE: Heracross outspeeds all but Jynx (Piloswine has quick claw)
NOTE: Hitmonchan Counter (Left) into Mach Punch (Up) Piloswine / Donphan / Ursaring (all at full health)
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Endure will ALWAYS go before Quick Claw


Male Grunt - A UP B

Future Sight (Right).

If Turn 1 Explosion -> Switch to Graveler (Up) and Self-Destruct (Down). Donphan (Right) to finish with Earthquake (Up)

If Turn 1 Switchout -> Swap to Graveler (Up). Earthquake (Up) whatever can KO, otherwise Self-Destruct (Down).

Donphan (Right) if needed to finish


Female Grunt - UP DOWN LEFT

If Houndour -> Earthquake

Else -> Self-Destruct (Down). Swap to Voltorb (Up) and Self-Destruct (Right). Fearow (Right) to finish

NOTE: If Dunsparce survives Self-Destruct (86% range), risk the Thunder from Voltorb (Rain Dance if missed)
NOTE: If you want to risk it, can use Thunder (Up) to KO the flying pokemon, then Self-Destruct on back (EXTREME RISK)
NOTE: Fearow Hyper Beams anything except Spinarak at full health


Female Executive - UP RIGHT LEFT

Self-Destruct (Down).

If Self-Destruct took out Vileplume -> Swap to Fearow (Right) and only Drill Peck for 1 KO.

Swap to Weezing (Up) and Self-Destruct (Down) the back, then finish with Fearow (Right).

Else -> Swap to Weezing (Up) and Self-Destruct (Down). Fearow (Right) to finish

NOTE: Drill Peck into Hyper Beam everything in the back except Vileplume and Sneasle HP < 67
NOTE: Fearow can't 1v1 Muk, if situation ever arises hope for Drill Peck into crit Hyper Beam (no other way to win)
NOTE: Fearow's Pursuit KO's Muk @ HP < 12


Male Executive - UP B DOWN

If Victrebell -> Swap to Voltorb (Right) and Self-Destruct (Right).

Else -> Self-Destruct (Down).

After first explosion:

Go to Donphan (Up) and Earthquake (Up) until KO. Graveler (Left) and Voltorb (Right) as needed

NOTE: Graveler SD + Donphan EQ KO's Wobb. If Voltorb as SD user, have Donphan use Sandstorm (Down) before switching


Jasmine - LEFT B UP

If Skarmory lead -> Switch to Flareon (Up) and Fire Blast (Up) spam until KO. Adapt

|> If missed Fire Blast on Skarmory -> Switch to Heracross (Left) and Counter (Down) Mantine

If Forretress lead -> Counter (Down), Reversal (Up) if still alive.

If Magneton -> Reversal (Up). Counter (Down) Steelix / Magneton. Reversal (Up) to win (switch to Magmar (Right) if KO'd and Fire Punch (Up))

NOTE: Steelix EQ does 35-42 to Heracross, if back is unknown swap out to fires if bad range
NOTE: Heracross can be one shot by Corsola's Psychic if HP is below 71
NOTE: Counter + Reversal always KO's Forretress
NOTE: Reversal 100BP OHKO Corsola / Magneton, 2HKO Steelix ; Heracross HP < 32



Psychic (Up), Hydro Pump (Right), and Thunder (Down). Basically aim to stay in with Staryu until KO

If Hitmontop -> Switch to Weezing (Right) and Self-Destruct (Down) as it digs

Haunter (Up) if necessary as it OHKO's Rhyhorn and emergency 1v1 against Seaking

NOTE: Can Psychic Seaking if first thunder took it down to 70 HP, Psychic 32-38 damage
NOTE: Weezing Sludge (Up) KO's Hitmonlee after 2 Psychics, worth it to setup Self-Destruct on back
NOTE: Low Health Staryu generally manips Horn Drills away



Psychic (Up)

If Granbull -> Swap to Weezing (Right) and Self-Destruct (Down).

|> If Poliwrath is already KO'd -> Swap back to Kadabra (Left) and finish fight.

Else -> Swap to Haunter (Up) and Destiny Bond (Left), may have to Giga Drain (Right) surviving Granbull

If Kadabra KO'd -> Swap to Haunter (Up) and Shadow Ball (Up). Destiny Bond (Left) last pokemon

NOTE: Kadabra reflect (Down) if Sandslash uses dig
NOTE: Hitmonchan is only pokemon that can't be D-Bonded, but it also can't win vs. Haunter
NOTE: Do not Destiny Bond vs. Poliwrath if it took a Psychic



If Ditto / Nidorina -> Earthquake (Up)

Else -> Explosion (Down). Swap to Weezing (Up) and Self-Destruct (Down). Fearow (Right) with Drill Peck (Up)

NOTE: Hyper Beam OHKO's Unown (74% chance) and Hoothoot



If Zubat / Golbat / Gastly -> Psychic (Right)

Else -> Shadow Ball (Up)

Graveler (Up) and Fearow (Right) if needed

NOTE: Keep Gastly in until it gets KO'd.


Morty - A DOWN B

Explosion (Down). Swap to Graveler (Up)

If Gengar 2nd -> Earthquake (Up). Self-Destruct (Down), then swap to Donphan (Right) to finish with Earthquake (Up)

Else -> Self-Destruct (Down). Swap to Donphan (Right) and Earthquake (Up)



Explosion (Down). Swap to Koffing (Up) and Explosion (Down). Swap to Kadabra (Right) to finish



Earthquake (Up)

Kadabra (Up) and Koffing (Right) if necessary

NOTE: Aipom's Swift does about 26 damage to Donphan
NOTE: Generally speaking, if Donphan will get KO'd by last pokemon, switch to Koffing and Explosion


Whitney - A RIGHT UP

If Dodrio -> Explosion (Down). Swap to Kadabra (Up) and Psychic (Up) till death. Heracross (Right) to finish

If Miltank -> Explosion (Down). Swap to Heracross (Right) and Reversal (Up). Kadabra (Up) if needed.

NOTE: Counter (Down) Miltank if HP > 32 on Miltank lead
NOTE: Endure (Left) if a crit KO's but ONLY if you outspeed said pokemon
NOTE: Heracross outspeeds both Fairies and Gloom
NOTE: Very risky switching into Gloom last (hera -> kadabra) as a crit KO's
NOTE: If Kadabra (last pokemon) vs. Wigglytuff / Miltank -> Reflect (Down) then Psychic (Up) and hope you win
NOTE: If Heracross (last pokemon) vs. Miltank -> Counter (Down) until around half health, then Reversal (Up)


Chaz - UP LEFT B

Earthquake (Up)

If Yanma / Paras / Spinarak last pokemon / Shuckle after 1 EQ -> Self-Destruct (Down). Swap to Omantye (Up)

After Explosion:

If Rattata / Geodude / Shuckle -> Surf (Up)

If Yanma / Spinarak -> Ancientpower (Right)

If Paras -> Blizzard (Down)

NOTE: If Graveler vs. Geodude -> Can Sandstorm (Left) before Earthquake (Up) (good shot to OHKO anyways)
NOTE: Can go to Aerodactyl (Right) if Geodude taken out


Twins Min & Lyn - A UP DOWN

Self-Destruct (Down)

If SD took out lead Pikachu -> Swap to Graveler (Up) and Self-Destruct (Down). Scyther (Right) to finish

Else -> Swap to Scyther (Right) and Wing Attack (Up)


Bugsy - LEFT B A

If Scyther turn 1 -> Surf (Up). Swap to Aerodactyl (Up) if Scyther stays in and finish with Ancientpower (Up)

If Weepinbell / Pinsir -> Swap to Weezing (Right) and Self-Destruct (Down). Swap to Aerodactyl (Up)

Else -> Swap to Aerodactyl (Up) and Ancientpower (Up)

NOTE: If Aerodactyl dies, Omantye (Left) Ancient Power (Right) vs. Scyther
NOTE: Pinsir is a 2HKO range w/ Aerodactyl Ancientpower
NOTE: Surf critting Scyther turn 1 allows Ancientpower to KO
NOTE: Once Aerodactyl gets sent in, do not take it out under any circumstances



Ice Punch (Up) only



Thunder (Up) to win

If Zapdos KO:

Go to Weezing (Up) on anything with Full Health that is not Farfetch (needs to hit through Mud Slap)

Go to Jynx (Right) on anything that took damage or is Farfetch'd

NOTE: Rock Smash (Right) Togetic @ HP < 9, Noctowl @ HP < 11
NOTE: Pidgeot uses Fly vs. Jynx, can switch to Weezing and Self-Destruct on the attack turn


Janine - LEFT A B

Explosion (Down). Swap to Voltorb (Up) and Self-Destruct (Right). Kadabra (Right) to finish

NOTE: Thunderpunch the following: Stantler HP < 44, Tentacruel HP < 57



If Feraligatr / Scizor -> Sludge (Up), then Self-Destruct (Down)

Else -> Self-Destruct (Down).

If Self-Destruct KO's first pokemon -> Go to Wobbuffet (Up). Counter (Up) Tauros / Scizor, Mirror Coat (Right) Thyphlosion / Jolteon.

Else -> Go to Magmar (Right) and Fire Punch (Up)

NOTE: Destiny Bond (Left) last pokemon.
NOTE: If last pokemon is Meganium and high health -> Safegaurd (Down), then Destiny Bond (Left)
NOTE: Magmar (Right) if necessary

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