Various Cup Notes (Frequently Updated)

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I'll be adding different cup notes to this guide as I route them. If you have any questions, you can find me in the Pokemon speedrunning Discord channel.

--Prime Cup R1

Team: Kadabra (Przcure), Graveler (Ice), Hitmonlee (Mint), Starmie (Berry), Pineco (Bitter), Heracross (Burnt)

Terry: Bellossom, Azumarill, Ampharos, Furret, Wigglytuff, Togetic
Team: Hitmonlee, Pineco, Kadabra (CU, CD, B )
Notes: Meditate once against non-Normal type Pokemon (only need to do this once during the fight), then Hi Jump Kick all. Use Reversal when < 54 HP. If killed by full health opponent, go to Pineco and explode; otherwise, clean with Kadabra.

Yang: Wobbuffet, Primeape, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop, Nidoking
Team: Pineco, Heracross, Kadabra (CD, CR, B )
Notes: Use Spikes turn 1, explode turn 2, then send out Heracross (send out Kadabra instead if Pineco took out Wobuffet, then use Reflect). If second Poke is Wobbuffet, use Megahorn; if not, switch to Kadabra as it uses Detect, then kill with Psychic. If Wobbuffet is third, switch back to Heracross and Megahorn; otherwise, T-punch the turn the third Poke uses Detect, then finish with Psychic.

Adam: Charizard, Gligar, Aerodactyl, Fearow, Murkrow, Dodrio
Team: Starmie, Graveler, Kadabra (A, CL, B )
Notes: Waterfall. Switch to Graveler on Fearow, Selfdestruct, then send Starmie back out (send out of Kadabra instead if it misses). If Starmie is killed by Aerodactyl, send out Graveler and Selfdestruct unless it's at 1 HP (Focus Band), in which case, use Rollout (2nd hit will OHKO Charizard anchor). If Starmie dies, generally either send out Graveler if they're at full health, or Kadabra if not.

Floria: Stantler, Hypno, Exeggutor, Clefable, Victreebel, Poliwrath
Team: Hitmonlee, Pineco, Heracross (CU, CD, CR)
Notes: Hi Jump Kick Stantler (OHKO). If put to sleep, stay in and hope to awaken. If killed, send out Pineco, hope for Hypnosis miss, explode, then finish with Heracross.
--If she switches to Exeggutor, immediately switch to Heracross and Megahorn. Keep using Megahorn until killed/put to sleep (go for Leer once on Poliwrath), then send out/switch to Pineco and explode. Send out Hitmonlee instead if its alive/awake and at full health vs. a normal type.
--If Victreebel comes next after Stantler lead, use Meditate once, then Mega Kick. Attack boost from Meditate/Swagger will help OHKO potential Hypno/Poliwrath anchor.
--If she switches Hypno or it's second and Hitmonlee is still out, use Mega Kick (range to 2-hit) until Hitmonlee is put to sleep, then switch to Heracross and Megahorn.
--If Hitmonlee vs. Poliwrath, use Mega Kick. If put to sleep and Pineco is still available, switch to Pineco, explode, then finish with Heracross.

Chase: Gyarados, Mantine, Lanturn, Quagsire, Dewgong, Dragonite
Team: Pineco, Hitmonlee, Kadabra (CD, CU, B )
Notes: Explode on lead (if crit/killed and can't explode, just send out Hitmonlee). Send out Hitmonlee, Meditate once, then Hi Jump Kick Lanturn/Quagsire/Dewgong (Reversal when <54 HP), or Mega Kick Gyarados/Mantine/Dragonite. Kadabra is backup.

Craig: Forretress, Persian, Electrode, Sneasel, Crobat, Ninetails
Team: Graveler, Pineco, Hitmonlee (CL, CD, CU)
Notes: EQ lead. If unable to EQ Electrode lead, go for Selfdestruct, as he will switch to Crobat. Generally Crobat comes second if lead dies; go for Selfdestruct on it, and if unable to, send out Pineco after Graveler dies and Explode. Graveler can tank a Sneasel Surf at full health. Hitmonlee is backup (Hi Jump Kick Persian/Electrode/Sneasel/Ninetails, Mega Kick Forretress/Crobat).

Kathy: Jynx, Lapras, Slowking, Piloswine, Mr. Mime, Feraligatr
Team: Heracross, Pineco, Hitmonlee (CR, CD, CU)
Notes: Megahorn all. Finish Lapras with Rock Smash if needed.
If killed by Jynx/Lapras/Piloswine, go to Hitmonlee and Hi Jump Kick; otherwise, go to Pineco and explode. If Slowking/Mime/Feraligatr last while Hitmonlee is out, use Mega Kick (or HJK on Feraligatr) until dead, then try to finish with Pineco Double-Edge.

Marty: Mew, Ursaring, Starmie, Umbreon, Muk, Tyrannitar
Team: Pineco, Starmie, Heracross (CD, A, CR)
Notes: Explode on Mew, then send out Starmie and finish with Waterfall.
vs. Ursaring – Use Waterfall until dead, go to Heracross, then clean with Megahorn.
vs. Starmie – Use Zap Cannon.
vs. Umbreon – Use Waterfall once, then switch to Heracross and Megahorn.
vs. Muk – Use Waterfall until dead, then go to Heracross and Mehahorn.
vs. Tyrannitar – Use Waterfall. It's a range to 2-hit; if you miss the range, go to Heracross and finish with Rock Smash.

After his second Poke is dead, try to finish third Poke with whoever you have out, then clean with other remaining Poke.

--Prime Cup R2

Team: Voltorb (Ice), Exeggutor (Mint), Hitmonlee (Przcure), Articuno (Berry), Wobbuffet (Bitter), Heracross (None)

Terry: Bellossom, Blissey, Donphan, Steelix, Jumpluff, Miltank
Team: Articuno, Hitmonlee, Heracross (A, CU, CR)
Notes: Must get a continue on this fight. Blizzard non-normal types (finish with Peck). Switch to Hitmonlee on normal types and Hi Jump Kick. Switch to Heracross Megahorn if you think Hitmonlee is going to die. Switch back to Articuno if she switches to/sends out a non-normal type.

Yang: Wobbuffet, Blastoise, Tentacruel, Primeape, Heracross, Poliwrath
Team: Voltorb, Articuno, Heracross (B, A, CR)
Wobbuffet lead – Switch to Heracross, Leer, then Megahorn. If he starts using Destiny Bond, keep using Leer until he stops.
Blastoise lead – Thunder (2HKO, 2 chances). If Voltorb dies, go to Heracross and Megahorn (may need to Leer in order avoid a death by Counter).
Tentacruel lead – Mirror Coat twice, as he will also most likely Mirror Coat twice, then go for Thunder. If unable to get the kill/felt the need to Explode, try to finish with Heracross.
Primeape lead – Thunder until he lands a Screech, then switch to Heracross and Leer/Megahorn (try to avoid death by Counter).
Heracross lead – Switch to Articuno and Peck.
Poliwrath lead – Thunder once as it uses Mind Reader, then switch to Articuno as it uses Fissure. From here, use Agility once, then keep using Peck. Can optionally stay in with Voltorb and go for the kill with a second Thunder if the first one hit, but this is even riskier than usual because Poliwrath has Quick Law.

After lead is dead, it's usually best to keep in whoever you have out, do what you can, then use your best judgment in deciding who to send out next. Always switch to Heracross on Wobbuffet; and it's generally always safe to switch to Articuno on Poliwrath.

Adam: Dragonite, Xatu, Aerodactyl, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno
Team: Voltorb, Articuno, Wobbuffet (B, A, CD)
Dragonite Lead – Mirror Coat. If it landed a Hyper Beam, switch to Articuno, Agility once, then Blizzard. If you get the kill, keep using Blizzard until you die.
Xatu Lead – Go for a Thunder as it Confuse Ray, then switch to Wobbuffet. Use Safeguard, then go for Counter.
Aerodactyl Lead – Immediately switch to Articuno as Earthquake is coming. Use Agility once, then Blizzard (2-hit). If unable to get the kill, go to Wobbuffet and Counter.
Moltres Lead – Can either Rain Dance and Thunder twice, or immediately Mirror Coat. Fire Blast has a small chance OHKO (2HKO if Rain Dance is up). Thunder is a 2HKO.
Zapdos Lead – Switch to Wobbuffet to take a Mud Slap, go for Safeguard (he'll T-Wave this turn; don't worry if you're unable to get it out), then Mirror Coat.
Articuno Lead – Mirror Coat, as Blizzard is likely coming.

Usually just go for Thunder with Voltorb if Rain Dance is up. With Wobbuffet, use Counter against Xatu/Aero, and Mirror Coat against Dragonite/Moltres/Zapdos/Articuno. Articuno will usually go for Reflect against Wobbuffet/your Articuno if it's down. Blizzard OHKO's Dragonite; don't bother using Agility if it's last.

Floria: Hypno, Exeggutor, Rapidash, Politoed, Mr. Mime, Espeon
Team: Wobbuffet, Voltorb, Heracross (CD, B, CR)
Notes: Trainer always leads with Rapidash. Safeguard turn 1 as it uses Reflect, then go for Mirror Coat. Afterwards, Counter Hypno/Politoed, Mirror Coat Exeggutor/Mr. Mime/Espeon. Wobbuffet can usually take out the second Poke, but try to put another Safeguard up before it dies. If Politoed kills Wobbuffet, send out Voltorb and Thunder; if Espeon kills Wobbuffet, send out Voltorb and Mirror Coat. Send out Heracross against anyone else and Megahorn. Espeon outspeeds Heracross and OHKOs with Psychic.

Chase: Omastar, Feraligatr, Lanturn, Weezing, Quagsire, Slowbro
Team Voltorb, Articuno, Wobbuffet (B, A, CD)
Omastar/Feraligatr/Slowbro lead – Thunder. If unable to get the kill, send out Articuno against Omastar, and Wobbuffet against Feraligatr/Slowbro.
Lanturn – Switch to Wobuffet, go for Safeguard as it uses T-wave (not a big deal if gripped), then Mirror Coat.
Weezing lead – Switch to Wobuffet and Counter.
Quagsire lead – Switch to Articuno as it Earthquakes, then try to kill with Blizzard. If unable to get the kill, send out Wobbuffet.

If at any point Quagsire comes out while Voltorb is out, switch to Articuno. If Quagsire comes out while Wobbuffet is out, Mirror Coat if it's raining (Surf more likely), or Counter if it's not (EQ more likely). Water types (except Quagsire vs. Voltorb) almost always go for Rain Dance when it's not raining. Voltorb is OHKO'd by all water moves when it's raining.

Craig: Starmie, Umbreon, Misdreavus, Stantler, Crobat, Electrode
Team: Wobbuffet, Hitmonlee, Heracross (CD, CU, CR)
Notes: Safeguard turn 1, Mirror Coat Starmie/Misdreavus/Crobat/Electrode, Counter Stantler. If he leads with or switches to Umbreon, switch to Heracross (with Safeguard up) and Megahorn. He'll always use Confuse Ray/Swagger the turn after Safeguard wears out if you're not confused, so go for another Safeguard that turn. If you end up attack yourself, just go back to using Counter/Mirror Coat. If Crobat keeps spamming Screech, just keep using Mirror Coat, as he will likely eventually switch. Stantler usually uses Reflect as soon as it comes out. Hitmonlee and Heracross are backup. Heracross can tank a Starmie Psychic at full health and OHKO with Megahorn.

Kathy: Suicune, Tyranitar, Snorlax, Kingdra, Scizor, Jolteon
Team: Wobbuffet, Hitmonlee, Heracross (CD, CU, CR)
Suicune lead – Mirror Coat. Usually a 2-hit.
Tyranitar lead – Switch to Heracross and Megahorn. If you get the kill, keep Megahorning until dead. If you don't, send out Hitmonlee.
Snorlax Lead – Counter.
Kingdra/Jolteon lead – Go for Safeguard turn 1, then use Mirror Coat. Kingdra lead often switches.
Scizor lead – Go for Safeguard turn 1, then Counter.

Hitmonlee is 2-hit against Snorlax when Reflect is not up, but dies in two hits. Use Reversal if <54 HP. Generally after Wobbuffet dies, its best to send out Hitmonlee if Reflect isn't up, and Heracross if it is up. Always send out Heracross against Jolteon if it killed Wobbuffet.

Marty: Celebi, Persian, Gengar, Machamp, Lapras, Raikou
Team: Wobbuffet, Heracross, Exeggutor (CD, CR, CL)
Celebi lead – Switch to Heracross and Megahorn.
Persian/Machamp lead – Counter. If Machamp survives (Focus Band), send out Heracross and finish with Thief.
Gengar lead – Safeguard turn 1, switch to Exeggutor, Sleep Powder, then Confusion.
Lapras lead – Safeguard turn 1, switch to Exeggutor, Sleep Powder, then Nightmare. If uses Rest, use Sleep Powder the turn it's going to wake up. Use Egg Bomb in the meantime.
Raikou lead – Safeguard turn 1, then Mirror Coat. If it goes underground, use Counter.

After Heracross kills Celebi, let it die to whoever he sends out next (usually Raikou), then send Wobbuffet back out. Always use Sleep Powder with Exeggutor vs. awake opponent unless they're in kill range. Egg Bomb is stronger than Confusion, but only has 75% accuracy.

Poke Cup: Master Ball R1
Team: Kadabra (Przcure), Graveler (Bitter), Voltorb (Ice), Hitmonlee (Berry), Weezing (Burnt), Wobbuffet (Mint)

Carmen: Bellossom, Azumarill, Persian, Clefable, Togetic, Raichu
Team: Graveler, Weezing, Hitmonlee (CL, CD, A)
Notes: Explode on lead, then send out Weezing. If Bellossom second, kill with Sludge then explode on last; otherwise, explode on second and clean with Hitmonlee.

Wyatt: Pidgeot, Nidoqueen, Ditto, Ratitcate, Pinsir, Primeape
Team: Graveler, Weezing, Kadabra (CL, CD, B )
Notes: Explode on lead (Ditto will switch out). If Graveler missed the OHKO range on Nidoqueen or if it exploded on Pinsir (regardless of whether or not it hit the range), send out Kadabra and finish the fight. Otherwise, send out Weezing second, explode again, and finish the fight with Kadabra. Psychic is a range to OHKO Ditto.

Cliff: Magmar, Marowak, Houndoom, Exeggutor, Houndoom, Arcanine
Team: Wobbuffet, Graveler, Weezing (CR, CL, CD)
Notes: Switch to Graveler on turn 1 (Wobbuffet lead is used to bait out Houndoom, which Wobbuffet can't kill). Explode with Graveler and send out Weezing. Finish first Poke with Sludge if necessary, then explode again. Finish last Poke(s) with Wobbuffet. Go for Safeguard first on Magmar/Exeggutor as they will use Sunny Day, then use Mirror Coat. Counter others.

Dillon: Weezing, Cloyster, Steelix, Rhydon, Venusaur, Arbok
Team: Kadabra, Graveler, Hitmonlee (B, CL, A)
Cloyster Lead – Switch to Graveler, as either Steelix or Rhydon is coming out. If Steelix, EQ twice, explode, then send Kadabra back out. If Rhydon, EQ, let Rhydon kill you with surf, then send Kadabra back out and finish with Psychic. Finish the fight with Kadabra, with Hitmonlee as backup.
Steelix Lead – Switch to Hitmonlee, High Jump Kick until dead, then send out Graveler. EQ until Steelix is low, then explode. Finish with Kadabra.

On any other lead, just use Psychic. T-Punch Cloyster later on in the fight (good odds to OHKO). Kadabra has a good chance of sweeping the fight if there is no Steelix. If Cloyster poisons Hitmonlee, it will immediately use Protect, so go for a Meditate or Mega Kick, and hope for further Protects to fail as you finish with High Jump Kick.

Molly: Girafarig, Mr. Mime, Lapras, Aipom, Lanturn, Politoad
Team: Graveler, Weezing, Kadabra (CL, CD, B )
Notes: EQ Girafarig, Explode on Mr. Mime. Girafarig will be spamming Double Team; you must kill it before it uses Baton Pass (usually after five turn or so) or else you'll probably lose. When you kill Girafarig, let whichever water Poke that comes out next kill Graveler, then send out Weezing (also send out Weezing after exploding on Mime lead). Explode on second Poke, then clean with Kadabra. Even on Mime leads, the second Poke that comes out is usually a water Poke, then the last Poke is usually either Girafarig, Mime or Aipom. Psychic Aipom, spam T-Punch on the other two.

Chen: Misdreavus, Crobat, Gengar, Jynx, Murkrow, Umbreon
Team: Hitmonlee, Graveler, Kadabra (A, CL, B )
Notes: High Jump Kick Umbreon. After you land one, use Mud Slap, as he will switch to either Misdreavus or Gengar. Switch to Graveler and Earthquake. Gengar will Destiny Bond. Misdreavus will try to Confuse Ray/Perish Song/Protect. If you're on the last turn before Perish Song death and you haven't killed Misdreavus, explode, as he will likely switch out. At this point you'll have to do whatever you can with Kadabra, as Hitmonlee is useless while Misdreavus is still alive. If Graveler is able to kill Misdreavus, explode or let it die to whoever he sends out next, then finish the fight with Hitmonlee, with Kadabra as backup. Crobat is extremely rare, but if it comes out, immediately switch to Kadabra.

Baxter: Feraligatr, Typhlosion, Meganium, Granbull, Blissey, Hitmontop
Team: Voltorb, Kadabra, Hitmonlee (CU, B, A)
Notes: Mirror Coat lead*, then explode on second. Send out Hitmonlee if it's a normal type; otherwise, send out Kadabra. T-Punch Feraligatr, Psychic others. If last is Blissey, switch to Hitmonlee right away and High Jump Kick; otherwise, psychic last Poke until dead, then finish with Hitmonlee.

*With the team I'm using, I've only ever seen this trainer lead with Typhlosion or Meganium, but I know from testing that other leads are possible. Worst case scenario, explode on Feraligatr lead, switch to Kadabra on Hitmontop lead, or switch to Hitmonlee on normal-type leads.

Pedro: Aerodactyl, Machamp, Kingdra, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Charizard
Team: Wobbuffet, Hitmonlee, Voltorb (CR, A, CU)
Notes: Switch to Hitmonlee turn 1. If he doesn't immediately switch to Tyranitar, then he doesn't have it, and most likely has Dragonite. From here, do the following*:
~Charizard lead switches to Tyranitar – Switch to Voltorb turn 2, as he will switch back to Charizard. Mirror Coat Charizard, then explode on Tyranitar when comes back out. High Jump Kick Tyranitar, then try to finish last Poke with Hitmonlee as well. Wobbuffet is backup.
~Charizard lead deosn't switch out – Let Hitmonlee die, then send out Voltorb. Mirror Coat Charizard's Fire Blast. Dragonite should come out next. Let it kill you with Outrage, then send out Wobbuffet and Mirror Coat. From here, Counter Aerodactyl/Machamp, Mirror Coat Kingdra. Kingdra will likely go for Swagger, so use Safeguard first.
~Kingdra lead switches to Tyranitar – High Jump Kick, as Tyranitar will most likely not switch out. From here, keep using High Jump Kick until dead, then explode with Voltorb and finish with Wobbuffet.

*These are the three most common outcomes. Improvisations will need to take place otherwise. I'm inclined to believe that no matter what Poke he leads with, he will switch to Tyranitar turn 1 if he has it. I have also seen in testing that he can potentially not have Dragonite or Tyranitar. As a general rule of thumb with Wobbuffet, Counter Aerodactyl/Machamp/Dragonite, and Mirror Coat Kingdra/Charizard. Can also Mirror Coat Kingdra/Charizard with Voltorb while at full health.

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