Gym Leader Castle Round 1 - Werster - May 6th 2015

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~ Team 3: Aerodactyl @ Mint, Hitmonlee @ Przcure, Jynx @ Ice, Moltres @ Bitter, Omantye, Zapdos @ Burnt
Matt: Jynx, Aerodactyl, Zapdos (CU, B, CR )
Notes: Ice punch everything.
Falkner: Zapdos, Jynx, Aerodactyl (CR, CU, B )
Notes: Thunder everything.
~ Team 3
Chaz: Omanyte, Moltres, Jynx (CD, A, CU)
Notes: Blizzard Paras, Ancientpower Yanma and Spinarak, Surf the rest.
Min & Lyn: Hitmonlee, Moltres, Jynx (CL, A, CU)
Notes: Hi Jump Kick all but Ledyba and Hoppip (Meditate on Ledyba)
Bugsy: Omanyte, Aerodactyl, Moltres (CD, B, A)
Notes: Surf on first, clean with Aero.
~ Team 5: Donphan @ Ice, Fearow @ Mint, Kadabra @ Berry, Pineco @ Przcure, Hitmonlee @ Burnt, Weezing @ Bitter
Lois: Weezing, Kadabra, Hitmonlee (CR, CU, CD)
Notes: Explode on first, then Psychic them all (Send in Hitmonlee if switched from Normal --> Phanpy, or if Poliwag killed)
Rita: Donphan, Kadabra, Fearow (B, CU, CL)
Notes: Power through with EQ, Fearow clean if need be.
Whitney: Pineco, Weezing, Kadabra (A, CR, CU)
Notes: Explode on Miltank, finish with Kadabra. Switch to Weezing on Wigglytuff/Stantler, finish with Kadabra | Explode on Dodrio, sent out Weezing and explode again, clean with Kadabra
~ Team 7: Donphan @ Bitter, Fearow, Gastly @ Burnt, Graveler @ Ice, Kadabra @ Przcure, Koffing @ Mint
Holly: Koffing, Fearow, Kadabra (CR, CL, CD)
Notes: Kill first with Koffing, except Explode on Nidorino. Ideally Explode on second (Ditto), clean with Fearow.
Ty: Gastly, Kadabra, Fearow, (CU, CD, CL)
Notes: Psychic Bats and Gastly, Shadow ball the others. If Smoochum is gone, gone with Kadabra, otherwise clean with Fearow (If Smoochum lead and got off Perish song, switch to Kadabra on Haunter )
Morty: Graveler, Donphan, Kadabra, (A, B, CD)
Notes: Explode on lead EQ with Donphan, clean rest with Kadabra.
~ Team 6: Fearow @ Przcure, Kadabra @ Bitter, Haunter, Pineco @ Ice, Voltorb @ Burnt, Wobbuffet @ Mint
Nick: Pineco, Kadabra, Fearow (A, CL, B )
Notes: Hitmontop Digs, explode turn 2 on him and clean with Fearow | Explode on Seaking and clean with Kadabra | Explode on Nidorino and clean with Fearow | Explode on Rhyhorn and clean with Kadabra
Chuck: Kadabra, Pineco, Fearow (CL, A, B )
Notes: Dynamicpunch spam. Psychic everything, switch in Pineco and explode on Granbull.
~ Team 4: Corsola @ Mint, Goldeen @ Ice, Koffing, Nidoking @ Bitter, Seadra @ Burnt, Seaking @ Przcure
Jasmine: Corsola, Nidoking, Seaking (B, A, CR )
Notes: Surf Magneton as Steelix appears, switch to Nidoking on reappearance and Horn Drill | Surf Mantine as Steelix appears, clean up| Mirror Coat Forry, clean with Seaking | Switch to Nidoking on Skarmory and Thunder, and Horn Drill it up
~ Team 1: Donphan @ Mint, Fearow @ Przcure, Graveler @ Burnt, Kadabra @ Bitter, Voltorb, Weezing @ Ice
Male Grunt: Kadabra, Graveler, Donphan (A, CU, B )
Notes: Explosion Spam. Psychic Geodude lead | Switch to Graveler on Graveler lead. Switch to Graveler on Electrode and Earthquake. And switch to Graveler on Graveler as he explodes.
Female Grunt: Graveler, Voltorb, Fearow (CU, CD, CL)
Notes: Toxic/Detect spam. Earthquake Houndour, Explode on anything else. Thunder Murkrow/Zubat, Explode on anything else. Drill peck to finish, Hyper Beam at full on everything except Drowzee to avoid Toxic at all costs.
Female Executive: Weezing, Graveler, Fearow (CR, CU, CL)
Notes: Theif spam. Earthquake Arbok/Muk, explode on everything else. Psychic all but Sneasel.
Male Executive: Graveler, Donphan, Fearow (CU, B, CL)
Notes: Explode on everything except Victrebell, switch to Fearow on him and Drill Peck (If he Sunny Days, switch Graveler, Fearow, Graveler and then send in Donphan and Earthquake) | If Wobbuffet appears after Sunny day, send in Graveler and Sandstorm, then explode and clean with Donphan | If you explode turn 1, clean with Donphan.
~ Team 8: Kadabra @ Przcure, Pineco @ Mint, Starmie @ Berry, Voltorb @ Bitter, Weezing @ Ice, Wobbuffet @ Burnt
Alvin: Voltorb, Kadabra, Starmie (A, B, CU)
Notes: Thunder Kingler/Seel/Shellder, explode on others. Sweep with Kadabra.
Carol: Weezing, Voltorb, Kadabra (CD, A, B )
Notes: Explode turn 1, Thunder 2, explode on 3. Clean with Kadabra.
Pryce: Wobbuffet, Pineco, Starmie (CR, CL, CU)
Notes: Counter Donphan/Ursaring, Mirror Coat Cloyster/Dewgong/Jynx. (Switch into Pineco if Jynx Thrashes and Explode) Destiny Bond 2nd. Explode with Pineco and clean with Starmie if required.
~ Team 2: Fearow @ Mint, Kadabra @ Bitter, Starmie @ Przcure, Voltorb @ Berry, Weezing @ Ice, Wobbuffet @ Burnt
Gloria: Weezing, Fearow, Kadabra (CD, B, CL)
Notes: Explode, Mash Drill Peck, Hyper Beam Clefairy if required.
Vince: Weezing, Kadabra, Fearow, (CD, CL, B )
Notes: Explode, Easy sweep with Kadabra, Hyper Beam fire type if required.
Clair: Wobbuffet, Starmie, Voltorb (CR, CU, A)
Notes: Mirror Coat all but Rhydon, Counter Rhydon/D Bond second. Mirror Coat Dragonair/Kindgra/Ampharos/Lapras, Starmie owns Arcanine/Rhydon and cleans.
~ Team 6
Will: Pineco, Voltorb, Fearow (A, CD, B )
Notes: Explode turn 1, Thunder Xatu/Girafarig, Mirror Coat all others. Explode on last, clean with Fearow. lol
Koga: Pineco, Kadabra, Fearow (A, CL, B )
Notes: Explode turn 1. Psychic everything, clean with Fearow if need be. (If Fearow is 1v1 vs Gligar, use 2 Hyper Beams to avoid a Double Team) (If Muk lead and missed, send out Fearow
Bruno: Kadabra, Haunter, Pineco (CL, CU, A)
Notes: Psychic Heracross lead, weaken Blastoise/Golem. Go to Pineco on Golem and Giga Drain then Explode on Machamp, go to Haunter on Blastoise and Giga Drain then Destiny Bond Machamp | Switch to Pineco on Kanga lead, explode and clean up with Kadabra (Haunter can do chip damage to last one if required) | Switch to Haunter on Blastoise lead and D bond so it dies switch away, send in Kadabra and clean (if going to die to Machamp, switch to Pineco and explode)
Karen: Pineco, Fearow, Kadabra (A, B, CL)
Notes: Explode on Umbreon, finish with Fearow (Drill Peck does 46 hyper beam 80) (Thunder Punch does about 29, go Kadabra if you can). Drill Peck to clean Vileplume and Hyper Beam when in trouble on Magmar. Switch to Kadabra after Confuse Ray on Gengar, and clean up with Kadabra. (If Umbreon survives Drill Peck, switch to Kadabra as it Psychics and clean with him)
Lance: Haunter, Wobbuffet, Voltorb (CU, CR, CD)
Notes: D Bond any lead but Aerodactyl, and as it dies send in Wobbuffet and Counter Counter (No threat of ttar ) | On Aero lead, switch to Voltorb and let it die, then send in Wobbuffet and Counter, then switch back to Haunter and D Bond the second poke, Wobbufet Counters the last | On Aero/Steelix/Dragonite, he swithes in Steelix as you switch to Voltorb. Send Haunter back in after Voltorb dies, D Bond Steelix, then Counter Aero/Dragonite
~ Team 4
Brock: Seaking, Goldeen, Seadra (CR, CL, CD)
Notes: Water attacks on Onix/Golem, Horn Drill the rest. Spam Surf to save the day if required.
~ Team 10: Fearow @ Przcure, Pineco, Raichu @ Burnt, gay, shit, dick
Misty: Pineco, Fearow, Raichu. (CL, B, CU)
Notes: Explode on first (double switch on Poliwhirl with Raichu) send out Fearow (switch to Raichu if Golduck/Starmie) and clean with Thunder.
~ Team 9: Donphan @ Burnt, Haunter @ Przcure, Magneton @ Ice, Raichu @ Mint, Piloswine @ Bitter, Voltorb
Surge: Donphan, Piloswine, Haunter (B, CD, CL)
Notes: Spam EQ unless Lanturn shows up. If he does, switch to Haunter and D Bond, then continue Earthquaking (do NOT switch to Haunter on Electrode leads that explode)
~ Team 5
Erika: Pineco, Weezing, Fearow (A, CR, CL)
Notes: Explode, Explode, clean with Fearow.
~ Team 2
Blue: Voltorb, Starmie, Fearow (A, CU, B )
Notes: gyarados/rhydon/arcanine | alakazam/exeggutor/arcanine | Switch to Starmie on Gyarados and Waterfall Rhydon, then clean up | Mirror Coat Alakazam, explode on Exeggutor and clean with Fearow.
~ Team 1
Blaine: Graveler, Weezing, Voltorb (CU, CR, CD)
Notes: Explode, explode, mirror coat.
~ Team 9
Sabrina: Voltorb, Magneton, Raichu (CR, CU, A)
Notes: Rain Dance turn 1, then mirror coat. Explode turn 3, and spam Thunder with Magneton
~ Team 1
Janine: Graveler, Kadabra, Fearow (CU, A, CL)
Notes: Confuse Ray spam, Explode turn 1 and Psychic everything.
~~~ Team 2
Red: Weezing, Wobbuffet, Fearow (CD, CR, B )
Notes: Explode on Typhlosion/Jolteon (Will not OHKO Meganium/Feraligatr/Scizor, Sludge them first (Scizor switches)) send out Wobbuffet. Counter Tauros/Scizor, Mirror Coat Typhlosion/Jolteon. Destiny Bond last poke (Mirror Coat will OHKO Typhlosion however) (Safeguard on Meganium, counter Scizor turn 1 it can't kill)

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