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I've got a question pertaining to any category that currently has a leader board. The rules mention the use of a Emulator, but I'm under the assumption that original hardware is fine as well. Just looking to clear this up before my first runs!


Pretty sure a specific emulator is fine, and original hardware is of course fine.


Original hardware is always preferred when doing runs, but should a runner do a run of this game on emulator, the only emulator that I know is accepted is Project64 v1.6. When looking at the "View Rules" tab on the leaderboards, it should explain more of that and what is accepted and what is not.

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I just had a run rejected because I used an Everdrive. I read the rules thoroughly before posting a speedrun because it was my first speedrun. No mention of Everdrives being banned from this game specifically so i went ahead and ran it for a week but submitted my 8th run through it. PokeHero WROTE in new rules against my run. GG I guess. Rejected by the same person I was gonna place 1 spot ahead of. 🙁

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Hi ThatGuyOnCops,

Your submission was not rejected on a basis of being one spot higher than my personal best. When your run was submitted and I saw the Everdrive menu I was not sure what the legality was. When brought up to other mods, it was stated that Everdrives were already banned. Unfortunately, this was not publicly written down in the rules for the game/category yet. Zewing, one of the Pokemon Stadium 2 moderators, said it was not a good look to have that gray area in the rules. He wrote the "Everdrives and reproduction carts are banned." rule and we went ahead and did the same for Stadium 1 INT.

I apologize that it looked so malicious in your POV given the circumstances. If you have further questions or concerns I or another mod can address them.

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